1. Must be cause you're watching the one all the 1000 view youtube channels trying to make the big time by shitting on a good show are watching, by all accounts.

  2. I like the show decent enough. The directing is confusing and relies on classic tropes that come off as cringe at times as well. I just think someone else could do better. It’s not an attack on the show or cast. Calm down. It’s just an assessment based on Wayne’s performance.

  3. Is Wayne the sole director tapped for this season? I hope not.

  4. Last time I checked only Texas and California produce more pro players. Which is insane because compared to those two Ohio is pretty small

  5. Ohio might be top 5 but def not three. Florida has way more

  6. Hey man. Only true sluts would care about the shape of your head or your hairline. Women aren’t really wired like that. What they don’t like is you feeling sorry for yourself all the time though. You’re the man and you know it. Once you embrace that everything will fall in line.

  7. You’ll never stop hating yourself and believing data from dating apps is applicable to your life so I’m not gonna try and help anymore. You said you make 200k. If you can’t find a slut then you don’t deserve to fuck at all. It’s just like an anti football loser to trust google over a fellow dawg who’s also balding but still getting laid weekly.

  8. Nah liverpool citizens are all anti royalty, most of them are mixed with Scotland, Ireland, and wales due to the port. They are the lower middle class

  9. This is gonna hurt for the rest of your life. You should try your hardest to avoid opiates and learn to live in discomfort.

  10. I’m unfamiliar with these two fighters, but green shorts doesn’t look like he even qualifies to be in that ring. Holy shit dude put your fuckin hands up!

  11. He’s a knockout artist type. Just looking to land that one monster punch. Normally can take a few to the chin but not from that behemoth.

  12. What year are you living in? You’re on Reddit in 2022. The mods don’t give a shit about whatever explanation you give. They can nuke this sub and not have to answer to anyone.

  13. So you want to get banned too? I don’t follow your logic

  14. I’m on year 3 with my Nasci and it’s still like the day I bought it. Only greased it once.

  15. My bad, it’s a Shimano priced at 99 dollars most places.

  16. It kind of did when Howard died. All the episodes after that were a fucking mess and the disappointing ending.

  17. Truth. 4,5,& 6 were too good. Shame they couldn’t have placed a run of great episodes like that until the last 3.

  18. Nick Willick said in a doc once, he doesn't remember Joe "making any significant arrests" so this is very interesting.

  19. Nick Willick worked with Joe at Auburn PD, not Exeter.

  20. Why is it nonsensical? Because he had one scene with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Because his character fulfilled a specific purpose and was no longer needed. Because he was deliberately written without depth and his wants and needs are irrelevant to the series. Because you lack story comprehension.

  21. Gardini calls himself a fisherman but only fishes ponds lol

  22. It’s not like a NYC comic/podcast producer is going to have a full on bass boat lol

  23. Btw he’s a New Jersey/Philly comic. He’s 10 minutes from some awesome fishing but chooses to hop ponds for stressed bass that don’t fight.

  24. Then his ass should be creekin for smallmouth. Fuck those lame green pond fish.

  25. Sad the sub has basically me tooed the other guy…

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