Y'all downvoted me to oblivion when I said this was probably true. Just had to get this 50-day "I told you so" off my chest.

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  1. Why do people keep managing to be surprised that leaving a customs union is generally bad for your economy? Jesus did one of yall plan brexit too?

  2. Nope. They only do that (giving primos) for awards where fan votes have little to no sway with the result. The Playstation award where we got 800 primos have no fan voting involved at all.

  3. So first of all yeah even in the judged categories popular votes still count, which means it’s still manipulation, and that’s what we got them for last year. But regardless, they knew people would expect this. If they didn’t want to be bribing us, they would say that there will not be rewards for player voted categories (which again would already be a lie anyway because the judged categories have a player element)

  4. 10% fan vote does not really count much. We could have the perfect 10% due to the massive fan vote, but if the game is judged poorly, we still won't win. This just means that we won mostly because the game itself is rated highly by the official jury. The 10% fan vote is just icing to the cake.

  5. We’ve never won anything TGA purely fan voted. The precedent as it stands is “TGA wins get primogems” and they knew everyone would believe that

  6. Im literally at 99 legitimacy right now while having everyone in the government, send help.

  7. You seem to be operating under the belief that the child does not understand that stealing is wrong, and that’s the source of his crime. There is no creative punishment, no lesson to be learned, no experience with hard work that will fix this. A perfectly moral desperately poor 9 year old who understands the value of work etc etc would continue to steal because he and his family need money.

  8. Or his family is ok and knows if they send out their 9 year old to steal from tourists they will let him off scott free, and you can earn far more from doing that than working

  9. You have an incredible odd perception of the profitability of pickpocketing in an Indian city. It is certainly not “far more” than from working a job, and besides that, what job do you want this elementary aged child to be working? And you’re also weirdly reluctant to believe that a family might just be actually poor, especially in India where up to 30% of the population lives below the poverty line, and when the hotel workers already said so.

  10. Ayo darius aint all stat check, missing Qs on him is detrimental, tho early levels is defo more stat checking and kiting effectively

  11. Mordekaiser has 2 skillshots, both more difficult than Darius Q to hit. They are both statcheck champions anyway

  12. Why does literary every person in the professional league industry have an Asian girlfriend? It's kinda insane.

  13. It is SFW content, and it’s League humor content (with actual good advice too). The fact that an OF creator posted it really doesn’t matter? There’s no advertisement, nothing unless you click the username. Are OF people just not allowed to post anything else now?

  14. I mean 9 giant fucking foxtails lowkey make identifying her a no-brainer

  15. They used to make Riven distinguishable by her sword always being an enormous slab of metal that looks nothing like Fiora’s rapier, but more recent skins have messed with that

  16. Yeah that’s not really that weird. IRL there’s evidence that the South knew total war was not going to go well for them, and they were banking on economic pressure and the costs of war causing the Union to back down. If they could be adequately convinced that the Union was committed to war, they might very well have given up before it got into full swing

  17. The negatives are that it's time consuming and horribly inefficient.

  18. Same as with jury duty, though, you could definitely corrupt it with sustained nationwide propaganda. There’s a reason prosecution is one of the easiest jobs a lawyer can do, and it’s because decades of cop and legal shows have convinced us that the person sitting in the defendant’s chair is always guilty. I’m not sure exactly how you would accomplish the same thing with government duty, but the principle seems like it would work

  19. I guess rain has been oppressive in past UU gens, so I guess some things never change.

  20. The year is 2096. Mega Rayquaza is a PU staple. Barraskewda and Staraptor are still UUBL

  21. I agree with this. The news of Aloy being featured in genshin is what made me really get into the game last year, and I was very disappointed by her design and skill set. It’s weird that they gave her the short female model too, she seems like she’d be taller.

  22. She is canonically pretty well above average female height in HZD

  23. 10% of whatever true damage Gwen does with q should be dealt again as true damage from riftmaker. It’s not a percent damage increase, but repeated damage.

  24. I understand where you’re coming from, but it objectively doesn’t work that way and you can test it pretty easily in practice tool

  25. Statistically like 65% of people did not hate him for a while and in fact liked him. Wars fuck with everyone’s head

  26. Yeah maybe they could expand their incompatible ideology system for IGs to higher government levels and international relations. I would love to see an attitude penalty not just for being communist, but monarchies shouldn't like liberal governments popping up.

  27. Trying to simulate international relations accurately is a lot harder than simulating economics. If you wrote down, say, the top 10 basic statements about IR theory and tried to explain real world history through them, you would be baffled most of the time. Luckily you don’t actually have to be accurate if you’re making a game, because people won’t really notice if you’re wrong. But for example, you will never end up with a situation like the complex web of sponsorships and alliances in SEA during the cold war

  28. I think the problem you're facing is the perception of French politics, especially in the 19th century, is so Paris-centric.

  29. And also the paris commune lasted what, like 40 days? The government ruling in Paris has been right wing with very few exceptions forever

  30. They don't hate Jews, eh? Do you know what the main tenant of being a Nazi is? Finding a answer to the Jeweish Question. Do you know what the Jewish Question is?

  31. Yes, I’m a Jewish man studying history in college. I am in fact aware of those things

  32. Plenty of Nazis don’t personally hate Jews. It’s all cognitive dissonance and not thinking about it. They think Jews are conspiring against them, they want all the Jews gone…but ask them about any individual Jew? Great guy, good friend, never hurt a fly! It’s weird

  33. Fischer drove himself insane and he was amazing at chess because of his mind. He saw things so differently, it allowed him to be amazing at the board but he had almost no logical reason. And he fell so hard he became a nazi.

  34. Eh, I’m not sure this tracks. Every report from his childhood has him as a quite normal if unusually intelligent kid, and he had no problems making friends and connections in the chess scene until his drama with FIDE. The idea that his brain was just really different from everyone else is not particularly supported by evidence. It makes rather a lot of sense that he had some common mental disorder like anxiety or mood disorder at a manageable level, had his fight with FIDE, fell into a conspiratorial and right-wing mindset because he felt that Russians and other Europeans were conspiring against him, which led him to antisemitism.

  35. Honestly, to play chess at that level, your brain almost has to be wired very differently than normal imo. Same with any sport, really

  36. The entire Polgar family are/were very high rated chess players. The odds of every one of them having the same hypothetical brain abnormality that allows you to be very good at chess is extremely low. Genes are heritable, but not usually that heritable. Rigorous studies of grandmasters’ brains don’t exist as far as I’ve seen, but more limited psych studies don’t report any obvious consistent differences from the general public except for moderately higher intelligence. It’s possible that, say, a normal person can be a grandmaster but to be on Fischer’s level requires that extra weird brain, but that seems like a suspiciously arbitrary cutoff

  37. I mean dude’s got a point, there was a historical man in Israel named Jesus whether you believe in the bible or not. He didn’t have shit to do with the Church, which got made 200-300 years after he died

  38. Tbf thats also because he is black most likely. Racism is always taken more lightly when its on your "own" group. Its why the racist people who are also black are so dangerous for the black community since they are used as an example for their racism being right

  39. Yeah you definitely get the benefit of the doubt for your own race. If a Jewish dude goes full “I love Hitler” there’s no coming back from that, but they can make some oven jokes you know?

  40. Pretty sure it was a joke about real life lightning not actual confusion about the item effect

  41. Looks to be around 50/50 for relevant offensive pokemon in the meta. For example Normal Dnite and Ice Volcarona are better than STAB, Dragapult can either do Ghost STAB or Fairy/Steel, Roaring Moon usually does Steel or Flying but it can go Dark, Skewda just goes straight Water, etc.

  42. Wow. For reference for americans, 18C is about 65 Farenheit. A coat? Like the guy above said, 65 is t-shirt and shorts weather

  43. Outside Chi-Yu and Iron Valiant... i can't think of any scarfers who threaten it. Relevant ones anyways. As for setting up, there is a shit ton of ice weak pokemon in the meta right now it forces out.

  44. Gholdengo, Chi-Yu and Iron Valiant are basically the 3 most meta scarfers at the moment and Baxcalibur loses to all of them

  45. Huh. I run a scarfed gholdengo and apparently have only been encountering adamant baxcaliburs

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