1. The timing is perfect, and they drop the headline the day at kholes baby is born. This was a clout relationship the entire time to get Kim a new audience and rebrand after Kanye. Honestly I feel bad for Pete, and dude can probably never talk about it because he was forced to sign an NDA.

  2. Not really and the biggest reason why is 90% of this cast isn’t very likable.

  3. I think you're about right because the only person outside of the leftovers that I see with a shot is Terrance and 1 person is 7% of the house right now. so 93%. and then a extremely slim chance for Allyssa and Jasmine, so that's how you get to 90%

  4. Yeah Terrance is actually playing a really good floater game right now

  5. Does anyone know why Daniel and Nicole are such angry people? I have never seen a man so angry without knowing what was said and how. Ameerah did stick up for Taylor but in a very low voice. I really think Daniel and Nicole need angry management. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? I will admit when I'm wrong. Others have changed my mind before with their take on my comment. So I really like the comment's to get other's opinions.

  6. I think that’s the edit they are trying to push maybe? But I’m pretty sure it’s truly based on him not wanting a showmance/that target on his back/distraction. The temptation will be gone if she leaves

  7. isn't she dating somebody else now? there were rumors abt it somewhere in her fandom

  8. Why was Taylor left out then?

  9. No woman ever wants to be called a cochroach in ANY context. It was an insult, it was personal and didn't need to be that way.

  10. Yep especially a black woman i know it wasn't used in a racist context but its just a bad look...

  11. Yeah you’re right, spray painting stupid things is definitely the Christian M.O., not the work of your average teenage douche bag with a spray can who thinks he’s being edgy and funny!

  12. I smoked many a cig there between 05-10. Called it The Bum Hole

  13. Yeah I had a 2x2 unit, $740 base fee but with electric and water, it came out to be almost $900 a month. We were both never home because of work and always kept everything off. Roommate later broke her lease and they called me on a Thursday and told me I had the weekend to move everything from my unit two floors down by Sunday. Tried to talk to the manager and spoke in my native tongue to my mom who was in a joint call and she started yelling at us claiming we were “talking bad about her” in our language, when in actuality I was trying to translate to my mom. Wrote a Google review about her and they called me back telling me to take my review down in exchange to get my lease broken for free.

  14. Would you care to add something constructive? Or do you just need to be heard. Both are okay, I guess.

  15. Selena is a decent actress. She’s not emoting a lot but that seems to be the point. Maybe she’d look terrible if she was showing more range.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the acting is a bit off in this episode?

  17. Selena is a terrible actress once you notice you'll never be able to unnotice it

  18. Anyone know why France is becoming such a massive pipeline for basketball talent and NBA talent ? Has basketball ball exploded in popularity? Has there been alot more money put into the sport with training and development?

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