1. Seulgi's LE looks not bad, but I'll be waiting and saving for the set with the red background teasers.

  2. Will you collect it and get the wallpaper? Because I'm confused whether I collect this theme or waiting for a theme with red background

  3. If I go in for Seulgi's second LE, the BG will be the goal, but I'm also planning to save up for WayV's CB

  4. Okay maybe I will save up for Seulgi's second/third LE and thanks for your opinion 😁. I'm also planning to save up for WayV's CB but I'm afraid I'll run out of dias by the time WayV has comeback. Do you know when WayV comeback?

  5. If I buy this Star Pass, does that mean I can get Limited A Theme Selector for SJ (The Road) - Don't Wait card?

  6. Is this official for the album details? Because aespa account hasn't released anything yet😕

  7. I'm happy that Xdinary Heroes will get the LE Theme but that means we need saving more dias because ITZY comeback is very close to their comeback😭

  8. When I checked the card book it said limited without the event tag so I hope it’s a normal one😬

  9. It’s very confusing because usually when the anniversary event starts, the event LE will be released😅

  10. Yeah I thought it was an event theme as well so I went to check and saw it’s a normal limited theme

  11. Yes, the 6th Anniv. Special Limited Theme and the R symbol also makes me think that the card is LE 😅 and by the way thanks for your information 👍

  12. limited themes released until january 26th (before this update)!

  13. that means I can get GOT the Beat/Devil LE Theme?

  14. Can I get Key LE "Bad Love" with this coupon Limited Theme A Grade Card Selector?

  15. Iirc, limited theme selectors can be used on any theme already present in the game. Normal card selectors can only choose cards that have been released 20 days after that theme's update

  16. Okay maybe I will buy it, and thank you for your information

  17. Thought it was a normal theme too! I’ll still be buying it tho only the 150 dias card per day.

  18. After I followed your words, I finally managed to collect them all 😆

  19. Good to hear! I only managed to get dupes after dupes lol now im losing hope again 😅

  20. I almost losing hope too when I got 2 Jungwoo cards and I couldn’t get Taeil card. Last night, my remaining diamonds were only 180 and then I take a deep breathe before buy the A card 😂 and as a result, I managed to get Taeil with A card and B card which is from the reward. Maybe you should try for 2 more days, if it still doesn’t work maybe it’s time to stop instead of wasting the diamonds. I hope you get it before this event ends 💪

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