1. How do you guys get these full map screenshots?

  2. Erm… I know the doomtown can’t technically access you directly except by walking the long way around (I think?), but wouldn’t spitters be a concern near the stone workshop on the north end of town? Can’t tell for sure, but if it is you could wind up with problems in the later waves. As in, zombies in your backyard in a densely populated area.

  3. I did consider that but space was very limited at the beginning of the game so I walled off the stone workshop and a couple of houses just in case.

  4. It’s your season reward level. Separate from your rank. You have to win more games to earn the season reward.

  5. Ok, i guess you’re entitled to your opinion regarding the vaccination mandate, but I didn’t see anything in this article pointing to teacher burnout due to the mandate. I only saw links to burnout due to the e pandemic and low pay. So why not do all we can to reduce the impact the pandemic has on teachers and get vaccinated?

  6. Make sure your router is pulling itself toward your guide. If I remember correctly I think this was called a “climb”. But it can be easy to get pulled off your guide if you’re pulling your router through the material the wrong direction.

  7. Yeah. Probably. I was wondering if I should adjust my training. I did not anticipate the absolute verticality of Big Bear and trained in the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego, which are tall, but not like ski slopes! Thanks! 👍

  8. You should try mission trails. I trained there and used the south fortuna stairs as training grounds. Worked great. Did 4 hours 17 minutes on Saturday.

  9. The series s isn’t even capable of 4K. No point. Go for the higher hz.

  10. What’s /facepalm about this post is the amount of people who think this post is about party etiquette.

  11. Visually, Tiles don’t always disappear immediately, but their hit box does

  12. You should probably focus most on decision making. You won’t need good aerial control until atleast plat. Hell I know a low GC player who hates going for balls higher than the crossbar. There are plenty of videos on YouTube about making better decisions at lower ranks.

  13. Try a YouTube “halo story so far” or maybe find one just for CE if you don’t want later stuff spoiled.

  14. Honestly I’m a champ 2 in 2s and 3s but only diamond 2 in 1s. For me, it comes down to risk reward play. In 2s and 3s you can turn more often and challenge a 50/50 ball without much worry of losing the challenge because your teammate can be there to clean up if needed. In 1s if you lose that challenge it often ends with your opponent scoring. Also, those shots you take and miss, which would usually end up turning into a good pass to a team mate, will often rebound and give your opponent an opportunity in goal while you struggle to recover. I don’t like 1s because I’ve always thought of rocket league as a team game, plus my mechanics are sub par for a champ 2 but I can make up for it with intelligent game play. In 1s, you need those mechanics to rank up and intelligent game play will only get you so far. 1 more thing, keeping possession of the ball is extremely important and not needlessly booming the ball down field unless it’s just to relieve pressure. In summary, think about all your 50/50 challenges, making sure your challenging in such a way that you can still recover if it doesn’t go your way, consider every shot and it’s possible rebound, and try keeping possession without giving the ball to your opponent as much as possible.

  15. When growing your city, focus on extending your base toward whatever resource you need the most. Most often that’s food, but in map 1 food is pretty plentiful. You should always be increasing your income by either building multiple housing areas or upgrading your tents. On a 100 day run, you should be aiming to have your engineering center up by at least day 65 for your more advanced units. If a village is nearby, that doesn’t always spell disaster, just avoid making noise too close to the doom town and if you start seeing zombies (especially runners) coming from the town, back away as much as you can. Keep in mind that soldiers make a lot of noise when they continuously fire their gun and rangers are relatively quiet. There is definitely a lot more advice I could give but I’d say just focus on improving each game until you have a good rhythm of upgrading and expanding. Good luck.

  16. I usually have the 4 rangers guarding one direction and I try to spread out from there. How much of the area do you search one day 1?

  17. I scout as far as I can on day 1 then from there I’ll keep one ranger guarding each direction into the base and hopefully there are some good chokes that you can just park a ranger and watch her level up. Otherwise I patrol them wherever my base might be vulnerable. Housing can be finicky. If you have enough space, which can be hard in map 1 sometimes, I do rows of 2 at six houses long while planning space for my bank and market which need a 4x4 area. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your housing, especially if they are still tents, the cost is minimally impactful to rebuild. Hope this helps.

  18. Do you just put them all in a control group and set them on chase?

  19. I did, barely had to pay attention until they came close to a giant.

  20. A smurf wouldn't be a master at challenger ranks. If they were, they'd be a terrible smurf.

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