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  1. Not in 30 years have i built up a resistance to seeing those cunts

  2. I used to cut down a loooot of trees for work (pine trees at retarding basins, overhanging gum trees, etc.). I had many drop on me and bite pretty good. Pretty bad to begin with, nausea and all, eventually it was a mild inconvenience

  3. It's not the venom. It's coming home and being surprised to see one on your wall

  4. Get your hands on the oakensoul ring (requires high isle and greymoor for scrying) and make a heavy attack build: sergeant mail lightning staff precise, jewelry and chest, storm master body, slime craw helm, all divines. 2 pets, unstable wall, trap and hurricane with the storm atro ultimate. super easy, hard hitting with minimal effort.

  5. Why off the table tho? Of all the dungeon/ arena sets that buff HA, Sergeants is the easiest to get- it’s Wayrest Sewers 1, same place you get Slimecraw.

  6. Because I just last night reconstructed some gold bloodthirsty storm master jewellery, and it feels like a waste to not use that now lol

  7. Here’s me getting excited I finally hit 60k on trial dummy hahaha

  8. Get BIS gear get some 21m dummy parses when you are at 100k+ apply for groups. If you want simple vet trials then 70-80k is enough

  9. We both know it will just mildly infuriate white tails, needs more fire

  10. She's not as useful as tank Bastian (or even healer Mirri, although as a warden I usually do my own healing), but Ember is so much fun!

  11. If you have the witches cat (panther cub with a witches hat on) non-combat pet, she adores it

  12. Why do they all have arms?! This looks like a Jurassic Park moment

  13. It’s not arms. Male turkeys (toms) have a big feather that hangs down. It does look like T. rex arms lol

  14. Wasnt this the plot for the new top gun?

  15. Nah, that was an undisclosed location I believe. Could very well have been Utah

  16. That warchieef guy in Grahtwood really hates them lol

  17. Pigeons missing a leg and just trying to survived - birds are smart and it learned that being near the Music Man got him extra bread Crumbs and treats and now it's just like the old man at the park the bird flocks to him

  18. It’s in Melbourne, you can’t help but be near a pigeon here lol

  19. And who ties the twilight’s hair into a ponytail every time?!

  20. Bosmer are gross little cannibal things, that worship potato’s. And redguards are a bunch of whiny self righteous weirdos no one cares about. “Oooh, the dead have taken over town, but don’t hurt them! They are sacred! But solve our problems somehow!” bunch of dorks

  21. Have you ever had a baked potato? I can understand worshipping them

  22. That’s the thing! They’re not allowed to eat them!

  23. Wait till they find the dinosaur bones.

  24. God just put the dinosaur bones on Mars to test our faith though, so they’re still not real, I think

  25. How long do you think it will be until Nestle tries to steal arctic or Antarctic ice, bottle it and then sell it as "premium water?"

  26. I think Hamish and Andy tried that, didn’t work out

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