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  1. Ooo Ghostrunner please I tried the demo back then! Wanna see a Post Malone concert.

  2. Garrys Mod is what pulled me into tf2 and eventually Steam!!

  3. Didnt even see the swoosh until it was pointed out 😨🔥🔥🔥🦈

  4. why is everyone on this sub jumping on em again? was there a restock? or is it just the season?

  5. The seasons pretty nice for these, spring/summer especially the lace swap options that I see people do 😍

  6. Thinkin bout getting those light purple laces that come with court purple 2.0 if anyone knows which site carrys them LMK, mucho appreciated 👍 Bonus Yoda Pics

  7. Bro these are the bomb 🔥🔥👍, just posted my pair too! Thinking bout trying to cop those light purple laces that come with the court purple 2.0, makes them look more poppin instead of those normal purple laces it comes with

  8. Your printing skills must be insane!!! I hope to someday get to this level of printing maybe ☺️.

  9. Who died and their mom's donated the goods away lol, fantastic find!

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to own a device specifically designed for printing small plastic parts and then to pay $10 to buy a small plastic part to repair it. If not it should be. Hold it in whilst the replacement part prints lol

  11. stop calling me out 🤣, i originally bought the printer to make glasses lense adapters for my oculus quest 2 vr system, hate being blind...

  12. Any success with the glasses adapters you can share? I damaged my lenses because I didn’t realize it was scratching them

  13. It works with my zenni lenses with great success 1 year later. I went with the free .stl on thingiverse where the guy can print n ship if oculus users dont own a 3d printer. Sorry but I dont have a link but any with instructions should do.

  14. Oh wow a fellow ender 5 pro, yeah get that PEI bed lmao, its what I did when I found that stuff wouldn't stick

  15. I just noticed the blue thing on the extruder connector, I am having problems with the one on the filament servo side popping off does yours have one on that end too?

  16. Tbh im waiting on a replacement part, i dont even have one on that side and still printed the AA battery holder

  17. I've always thought subdivision cubic and gyroid to be sturdy af for small things like the AA battery dispenser in the picture above.

  18. grumble grumble microcenter no live near grumble grumble

  19. Would rather have a Microcenter instead of Bestbuy here in NorCal TBH, but at lass...

  20. A copy for Tunic for me and 2 more for my friends :)

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