1. From what I've seen they're kinda trying to do that but the laptop or whatever keeps getting rejected

  2. They published a bunch of embarrassing photos as revenge porn and constructed a Pizzagate-style conspiracy theory out of a single sentence in an email ("10% to the big guy"). The FBI has had the laptop for a very long time, as have some of the sketchiest, slimiest Republican operatives, including the Trump team and Giuliani, for a very long time. Do you honestly think they wouldn't have published anything more substantive if they had it? You don't think that would've been their "October Surprise" for Biden and/or the midterms? They could take down the fucking president... you think they're keeping their powder dry?

  3. You know the story came out in 2020 and the media was told to kill it right? Trumps “team” never had access to it There’s a lot more to it than a single sentence. The story was squashed so that it wouldn’t negatively affect Biden’s campaign. That’s election interference. Our government is corrupt. Every aspect of it but keep pretending like it’s only one side.

  4. I’m pretty sure I read that he was just riding with a host owner, but I don’t know for sure.


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