1. It's all from the Enemy music video by Imagine Dragons.

  2. I always considered them to be a family in the traditional sense and it irked me personally people would call Mylo and Claggor the girls' "friends" and not their brothers. The lines "protect the family" from Vander and "He's our father too" from Mylo reinforces this.

  3. They are but if two character share a screen they are going to be shipped. literally nothing else matters. Genders, orientations, personalities, literal races (like human and animal) these perverts just think they should fuck and want everyone else to know it.

  4. Jeez, you got big tilted over a comment huh. lol. I usually say "ex" in a friend or SO manner anyway, but sure, I'm a huge pervert.

  5. Staying in his ex's old home after essentially killing him is still pretty gross imo.

  6. I'm used to being hated for Hog anyway. Oh well.

  7. I don’t hate hog mains, it’s just most of them are just griefers

  8. Ahh, reckon that's fair. I've met my fair share of Hog players I dislike myself.

  9. I hear the same about Junkrat and Roadhog. I kinda just roll my eyes at this point.

  10. It's not dumb. Personally I only really cry on ep3 for the loss of my perfect boys, or ep9 when Vi sees Vander. It's rough. I love and hate Arcane for those reasons.

  11. Friends and I adore Sombra's mollettes. Genji's ramen is delicious too. Friend said Zen's soup was particularly awful but I haven't tried it personally.

  12. If that happened, I may have enjoyed the show overall more. But I have no idea where the story would have gone afterward.

  13. I would have liked something like a black-washed version of Junkenstein for Junkrat.

  14. Why is Junkrat always a nightmare creature 😭😭

  15. Silco. Can't stand his "I don't care unless it happens to me personally" attitude or how casual he is about child murder. Very little to like about him for me.

  16. If you mean good dad as in, kept a roof over Jinx's head, kept her fed and encouraged her talents, sure. But he still manipulated her, encouraged her violent tendencies and made her mental health worse. I don't doubt he loved her but their relationship was still a toxic one.

  17. I have mixed feelings. I love how far this episode pushed boundaries and that it's the first show in a long time to make me emotional. Rewatches had gotten worse for me (as in a lot more crying) and I simultaneously hate it for killing my perfect boys. So, it's incredibly well done but I avoid watching it.

  18. Very nice. My first full odds shiny was a Combee. A male Combee. :']

  19. None. She needs serious therapy before she can have a relationship.

  20. Really tilted Dva and Genji get second skins. Tempted to just buy my last Hog skin and call it an event.

  21. Chuck is terrified of her and Jinx takes joy in tormenting him because she knows it. That's about it.

  22. The only one I felt a strong connection to on relatability was Mylo. Nothing speaks louder to me than having a younger sibling get better treatment, attention and praise while I got little but criticism and treated as a nuisance. I didn't get along with my sibling because of it. Unfortunately unlike poor Mylo, I got the chance to grow out of it despite how I feel about my parental units even now.

  23. I feel very sorry for Mylo, making numbers he is like just a couple years older than Powder but she gets support, patience, encouragment and protection while he is expected to carry his own weight. And can't say anything without being labeled of "a jerk".

  24. Exactly this. Mylo looks up to Vi and she constantly shrugs off his valid complaints just because they're about her baby sister. Mylo and Powder had a lot in common, and there's a stark difference in how they were treated and it molded their behavior. It irks me so little of the fandom give him a chance just because of how he acted and the showrunners did little to redeem him so he's even less liked overall.

  25. That was just for experimenta some odd months back and they didn't go through with it because it made Junkrat worse and forced him to almost exclusively fight close-quarters.

  26. The two most overrated women at the top. Shocking.

  27. Oh no, people shipping characters they like. What a nightmare.

  28. Junkrat has conflicting voicelines with OW folk, both calling Sojourn "captain" and saying "you'll never take me alive" when killing an OW member. So I'm wondering where that will go. Regardless, I'll flip tables if they separate him from Roadhog, who I feel will want to stay with Junkrat for his own reasons (not just money).

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