Fuck self checkouts

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  1. Jam some tater tots in the tortilla and it is eating time...btw no jam

  2. It takes a brave person to post a carbonara here. Yours looks excellent. Top drawer

  3. Been doing that since I was a kid. Not all the time as it kinda depends on the sauce. Add a bunch of grated parm and enjoy.

  4. Clever - I like clever use of space in a small shop

  5. Be over soon, have a spot for me at the table

  6. Looks rather nice to me - love the dish

  7. Been wanting to make this for a while, may have spurred me on there

  8. I was really intimidated because I’ve never made it before, but it was incredibly easy. It took me maybe 30 minutes and came out awesome, especially for a first try!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement and it will be on my table soon

  10. Incredible plating technique but they did forget the sprinkle of dried parsley for color

  11. Given it was his own words I felt it was a must read. Good journey to experience. You could feel his change and the many emotions he went through. I also read Dave Lory's book which was also good but edgy and maybe more of the harder side of what went on but I always came back to Jeff's words as the guiding truth.

  12. Been there and done that for breakfast - good eats.

  13. Looks good to me, eat up to the crust dark edge the slather it with butter

  14. I like self checkouts as I go almost every day while out, retired, so I don't have to wait in a long like behind big carts loaded with stuff. I want to be in and out....

  15. I hope he gets his student loan our gov't

  16. When I was a kid I would take canned sardines, toast some white bread then apply mustard and cover it with sardines. Good. The burbs after were not so good. Mom was not happy.

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