1. My friends just went through this with a 2 year old collie. They never wanted her. She was one of thier parents dogs, and when her behaviour became dangerous, trips to the hospital dangerous, my friend stepped in. Over six months they put in all kinds of work. I helped where I could, found behaviour experts, helped with exercise. She was a good girl and she tried so hard. We even managed to rehome her. Sadly the people who took her chose to ignore our advice. They chose to move too fast and refused to muzzle her during an episode. Somone nearly lost a finger and they insisted on her destruction. Unable to let her die in the hands of strangers, my friends and I went back for her, gave her one final walk and took her to the vet. We took off her muzzle and the three of us held her while she left. It's still one of the most harrowing and hurtful things I've ever done. In the end, she's no longer stressed and afraid. No one, including my friends baby, is going to be hurt now. I like to think she's somewhere else now, living a better life.

  2. You might be taking show don't tell a smidge too far here. For very important scenes it will work well, throw in some internal reactions, and engage more of the five senses. With this level of detail I'd assume you're writing a close third person? Get into the head of your pov a lot more. Get into the relationship between the two characters. Are they familiar? Will A know what B's annoyed face is like? Are they strangers? Will that exasperated sigh be lost to A because they've never heard it before?

  3. Parasaur. I didn't realise it needed food. That poor Paul Paralophasor didn't deserve to waste away like that... I'm so sorry Paul

  4. Though I've not done it myself, I hear good things about Kindle Novella, Royal Road and then there's always good old Patreon :)

  5. Darren Shan was YA and his Demonata series was very heavy on gore. Lots of messed up stuff and I ate it up as a kid

  6. Write for yourself and edit for readers :) For that first draft, wrote whatever makes you happy.

  7. And that is what Stephen King always says, 'the first draft is you telling yourself a story, and the following are for the reader.

  8. I've not heard that before! It's a lot more eloquent than my rendition XD

  9. So, I'm on the spectrum and have ADHD and Epilepsy. My current job is only 3 days a week but two of those days are 12hours however, at work I currently average 5000 words of my novel per shift. It's the perfect job for me.

  10. Honestly, these pet rat videos make my day whenever I see them ☺️ Thanks for helping make my days a little brighter with your wonderful little family

  11. Recuva by CC Cleaner saved my ass when I had to reinstall windows. It managed to recover a lot of data. Good luck.

  12. Story planner is a great website Milinote is great too Story is great as well :)

  13. This. I've had a handful of abandoned WIPs that just needed to hibernate while I improved. It's like a video game quest chain where you can start it at a lower level but eventually have to set it aside to build up XP elsewhere before coming back to complete it.

  14. Anyone else hearing Hotel California playing in their heads for this? XD (phone muted, no idea if there was sound)

  15. You need to enable access :) Also could we get a blurb? You're more likely to get some reads if people have an idea of what your piece is about :)

  16. If you change it to 'anyone with the link' and use the drop down to select 'commenter' you should get some constructive feedback :)

  17. This might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I think the NSFW tag isn't enough

  18. He goes by a few names. Always be wary when approached by Somone claiming to be anything that provides a service, especially editing. Stay safe out there :)

  19. I would pick the part you're most excited to write and write it. Just have fun and let it run :) From there you can either move forwards or go back to the start. It's up to you :)

  20. When I really love what I'm writing, I can't wait to write! I even sneak in words at every opportunity. There's probably more to it than that XD it's ADHD driver hyperfixation. The only way I've managed it to just push through the first few days when it feels like there's something better to do and open that document. That's for me anyway :) best of luck

  21. I mean... I've never seen anything to indicate that Skooma isn't flammable 🤔

  22. Be aware that the mere presence of a sex scene can turn away a lot of readers. Amongst other things you should do, make sure it isn't repulsive. If you aren't writing erotica, it should not be erotic in tone. Communicate what you need to about the characters and story and move on. It is also important to answer for yourself the question: why am I having a sex scene in the first place? One of the easiest ways to have a bad sex scene is if it is superfluous, which goes for any other scene really.

  23. Agreed but would like to add, don't use a million metaphors and smilies XD I tend to avoid going explicit at all, I name hands and sort of allude to what's going where. For the purpose of the one that I wrote, it was more about what was happening between the two emotionally than physically, though that wasn't put aside for it since the physicality was the cause of the emotions. Especially because one got cold feet and nearly panicked

  24. Hi :) I've read your piece and really liked it. Would you be interested in a crit partner? :) DM me if you're up for it :)

  25. I have done several rewrites over the years, the joys of starting when you're 12 is that it's going to need a lot of work as you grow XD And I always started with the big things. Ask yourself what is needed, what is not. Ho through the old one with a highlighter and pick things you really want to keep. Be it an idea or just a specific line you like. Then pick a moment in the story to open and let it run :) I could spend all day detailing how I did it, but what I do might not apply to you, or might not work the same. Take your time and don't be afraid to let go. If you're not using a scene, don't burn it just keep it in the graveyard for another time :)

  26. I'd be pretty on the fence as a reader, whether or not they'd come back.... Which might be what you're going for :) I have this image in my head of a bright spark hitting the water and kind of fizzing out. Could be a good visual :)

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