1. The moment is here. I was waiting this!!! A secret lair of fungus!!! I just love them and i keep collecting fungus related cards of MTG! So happy!!! Consider it BOUGHT!

  2. With no announcement I'm just assuming it will be Hoopa again.

  3. In a local group a person said that catch Zapdos with autocatcher (go plus). Must be very lucky.


  5. No, you don't need a foreign Charmander. Leon's Charizard is fine for Masuda. Just be patient.

  6. I’m sure everyone’s heard this a million times but each Galarian bird has a .3% catch chance, even with a golden rasberry, excellent ultra ball throw. The flee rate is far too high for how uncommon these pesky birds are

  7. You're wrong. 0.3 is the base chance. There is also CP multiplier, berries multiplier and medals multipliers. In ideal scenario you have roughly 10% chance to capture.

  8. Im at 21 failed birds, does this mean i theoretically should have caught 2? I. WANT. THOSE. BIRDS.

  9. No, ideal scenario is low CP + excellent ultra ball + golden razz + appropriate medals. Details here:

  10. So, according to the precedent, the ticket will give u a guaranteed Kyogre and the primal energy to regress him, just like all the other events.

  11. For me the greatest point was two free raid passes per day. Niantic should do this permanent.

  12. Yes, yes and yes. I envy you. One of the best flying attackers in the game, and also a very desirable fire attacker.

  13. wait for a low cp one and aim your best excellent ultra ball + golden razz

  14. Honestly, I don't think so. I don't expect anything good from Niantic.

  15. I saw a couple of "rare" Pokémon, mixed with event spawns. Noibat, G. Raichu and a Flygon (?). They were not exatly nearby the gym, but circa 200m away from it. It seems that the spawn radius is quite large.

  16. Also there is Mega Gardevoir in the future

  17. Thanks for the info! I hope that software don't change the ID of my Pokémon. Yeah I'm pretty sure I can hunt a shiny Ratatta, but the one from my FR save is special. Thanks again.

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