Debunking Prison Planet Theory, Explaining aliens in astral, our symbiotic to other beings, loosh, and parasites in astral.

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  1. Yup didn’t last long after that, but at least I quit on my own terms. I will add the dude who did this came in again a few weeks later ironically on my last day and profusely apologized for his actions. He said that was the worst day of his life and he was venting. We shook hands and everything. Most bizarre turnaround I’ve ever seen in a person and I really respect for him owning up to him being a royal asshole. He was smoking at a gas pump and I politely told him to stand away from the pump that’s when he flipped. Strangest interaction I’ve ever had with someone.

  2. I wluld have straight up told him he literally got me fired and i had to fight for the job back. He can eat shit, i dont care how bad his day was, he went out of his way to deliberately lie just to make your life miserable. Handshake my ass.

  3. That it is, but the as far as I know the mythos are a little more specific than just being cosmic horror.

  4. Sai King namedrops Cthulu and Nyarlathotep all the time though, in short stories, novels, and even in the Dark Tower. Hell, he even implies a pretty direct line between Randall Flagg and Nyarlathotep in The Stand.

  5. King is…weird when it comes to this.

  6. Theres also the little explored idea that the Dark Tower is a metaverse for all literature and storytelling and that these various elements exist concretely on certain levels of the tower, and so their influence leaks into other levels where they have greater or lesser effects and degrees of "realness".

  7. And fuckin’ disembowel Slaanesh, only to make Slaanesh splooge everywhere in ecstatic glee.

  8. Slan and Slaanesh are the same entity, therefore Berserk takes place on an imperial world during the Age of Strife. Proove me wrong.

  9. Which I love. I'm not as in to the mechanical side as some gundam fans but I love how grounded they make the utterly ridiculous idea of giant humanoid robots feel. The way they move, the weaponry they carry, how they interact with the environment. It makes you feel like they could exist.

  10. Evangelion is the pinnacle of this trope as far as I'm concerned.

  11. Literally everything exists only in your mind and brain.

  12. Nothin worse than someone who can assume they fully understand another's personal philosophy and chooses to diminish them based on this incomplete assessment. Love you guys 💚

  13. I read the first book, and I felt the movie was a good adaptation. Different, but good. I enjoyed both.

  14. I genuinely dont know how Control or Acceptance could be adapted into film format. Theyre great, but weird as fuck and get pretty abstract.

  15. This movie left the theater with me. More than the bear that lighthouse alien unnerved me enough that the movie left the theater with me. It just felt so alien and whatever it was doing was so completely foreign that i just felt not ok. Hard to say exactly how i did feel but i just didnt feel ok.

  16. Thats pretty much how I describe the movie/books to people. Its a story about just how alien aliens can potentially be. Like lovecraft without the edgelord nihilism.

  17. Theyre a specific sect of Aeldari who blend historic storytelling with martial arts.

  18. Playing a game and not liking it isn't FOMO. I'm not seeing the fear. They tried a popular game, didn't like it, and shared their opinions. By your example, basically every thing that has a single person enjoy it causes FOMO to everyone else which doesn't make sense.

  19. Forcing yourself to play a game you dont like because you see other people loving it is FOMO. You see it here all the time in posts where people desperately ask what they're missing and why cant they enjoy a game that everybody else seems to love.

  20. In your example, they played the game, didn't like it, and expressed their opinion in discussions. That isn't FOMO.

  21. You are intentionally laser focusing on one aspect of what i said and removing the context, thus intentionally missing my point. Thats a bad faith argument and im not going to waste my time with it.

  22. Not dildos specifically, actually. But I have a lot of hobby experience with alginate molds and silicon casts and its the exact same process. Plus sex toys are on my to-do list, so ive already done quite a bit of research

  23. Rioting over police forces being able to murder people with impunity is not ethically comparable to those police forces murdering people with impunity. Thats a bad faith false equivelance.

  24. Violent authoritarian conservatism has basically been humanity's default mode since the dawn of civilization. Progressivism is the aberration.

  25. The movie ending is SO much better than the novella ending. Sai King obviously sturggles to end his stories, this is known. But The Mist was particularly egregious. The movie and g is already a powerful punch in the gut. But when youre expecting something more like the OG ending, it catches you totally off guard.

  26. Terrible analogy. My kidney is not a person.

  27. Neither is a clump of cells that couldn't live without nutrients from its host.

  28. I’m fine with banning abortion as a means of birth control past the point of fetal viability.

  29. Yep! The law of attraction is the foundation of our existence. Your life is largely driven by the positivity or negativity of your own thoughts

  30. Thats not some mystical law of attraction. Its literally just cause & effect.

  31. I agree this post was out of place in a way, even though I understand both sides in the end nobody really knows what really is or will happen a 100%. But what does "unearned confidence" mean? Do you have to do or be someone worthy basically to be allowed to be confident or

  32. As in this OP is stating all of this as if it is an unquestionable fact without having done or providing any sort of actual research, critical analysis, science, etc.

  33. Other factors are: not working out hard enough, not eating well enough, those hard drugs you were taking (especially cocaine). I mean if you quit those drugs your test and other hormones is probably bound to go back to normal. But you didn't stop the drugs until you went on TRT which wasn't that long ago.

  34. This dude isnt just doing recreational testosterone he bought off some guy on the street. He got his levels checked by a medical professional who admistered the proper dosage for his problem.

  35. My go-to, favorite "go to sleep" movie is Fire in the Sky. The allegedly true story of Travis Waltons alien abduction experience. The first 95% of the movie is boring as fuck as it focuses mostly on dudes taking polygraph tests and shouting "I know what I saw!" ad nauseum. Nearly guaranteed to help you nod off. But if you make it to the very end, you'll be treated to one of the most horrific scenes in sci-fi as Travis has a sudden flashback to waking up on the spacecraft and being subjected to a brutal surgery by shark eyed little alien bastards. Then you dont even need to worry about trying to sleep anymore, because you cant

  36. Imo megadeths best post classic period album was United Abominations.

  37. The riffs on that album are insane. The lyrics, however, are awful. Even by regular Dave Mustane standards. The title track just sounds like an unhinged Alex Jones rant.

  38. You know Who. The same One comforting us in that black realm we temporarily pass through.

  39. You can just say you believe its the judeo-christian god without intentionally obfuscating it behind cryptic language.

  40. He sounded way more gnostic to me than someone to worship any of those false idols

  41. You'll also probably want to take a good deal of the game art courses that can be found in the game design major.

  42. Absolutely not. The GD major is learning, first and foremost, game design. Like, mechanics and stuff. Then detailed 3d modelling and texture making, and programming.

  43. I mean, typically when someone commits a crime like that and claims the devil made them do it, they get a psychiatric evaluation, not an exorcist. Doing something illegal has to involve the judicial system. They either the person is found to be faking it or they're considered mentally unsound. But you could argue it was really the demons all along, and I'm sure there are some people who believe that.

  44. Probably cause prison guards would rather just chalk it up to "theyre fawkin' nuts" and either ignore them or abuse them with impunity.

  45. why dont we ever see the supernatural stuff they talk about? like rising out of the chair? we cant get any of this on film??.

  46. Purely for the sake of argument: these demons are sadistic trickster entities. Allowing you to witness their supernatural power would obviously scare the piss out of you. But only letting you see it serves to not only fuck with your head, but also to further isolate you from other people, which would aid in their possession of you.

  47. Some people look at the mountain climber and ask "why?". The climber asks "why not?"

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