1. Let’s be honest reds can’t salvage this season. Any success is just gonna line castellinis pockets. A win is a win for him not for the fans

  2. Just go find something else to do if you’re just going to mope. This isn’t healthy.

  3. MLB hasn't seen a cent from me since they removed Braves coverage from Hulu. Will watch illegally until I die.

  4. YouTube TV was the absolutely perfect middle ground…right up until the RSNs started to pull out.

  5. Well, when YouTube TV ran the numbers and decided that it wasn’t worth it to pay for RSNs. There’s a reason that cable isn’t cheap.

  6. As fun as it would be, it would be crazy to stand down the first base line at an MLB game with no experience doing it and no glove on.

  7. It rocks that we’re supposed to throw out the Kitchens year - the year that they basically built a coaching staff of people Baker liked and wanted there and who built an offense just for him to sling it.

  8. The HC hire in Houston… what happened with that? Also were Baker’s personal friends who were on our coaching staff the year that Freddie was HC also Dorsey’s guys? Anyone Dorsey would’ve hired would’ve been his guy - he just opted to give his QB continuity.

  9. Maybe I just never got the good Barrio, but the few times I had their food it was just flat out okay. Nothing better than what Chipotle was doing. Luckily Bomba down in Fairlawn is still pretty damn tasty for tacos.

  10. See, I think Bomba sucks. I’ve taken other people and they think it sucks. Just never had any good food there. I have a few friends who love it though so it must just not be for me.

  11. PEDs and domestic abuse are two WILDLY different things.

  12. Crossing lines in consenting rough sex stuff and “domestic abuse” are two wildly different things, imo.

  13. Player kneels for 90 seconds in protest to police violence?

  14. I think the real lesson is that your press coverage can’t eclipse your talent. Kaepernick and Tebow both weren’t talented enough to be front page news every day.

  15. Convert surface level parking lots into anything else

  16. Big social gathering points, big touristy spectacle. Pays homage to our flaming river.

  17. I know a guy who gained 110k and lost 140k all over the course of a couple weeks, the idea this is permeating into children is horrifying.

  18. Pretty much any gambling addict will have a similar story because they cannot stop while they’re ahead.

  19. I went up $400 off a $100 investment one night, lost it all the next day and decided sports betting wasn't for me.

  20. I’ve never done sports betting but I one time lost $100 on slots in like 10 mins and decided I’m never gambling on anything ever again. I basically spent $100 to push a button.

  21. My friends who lived there said there was also a huge skunk problem.

  22. I’ve never seen so many skunks in my life than I did in Cleveland Heights. It’s risky to go on nighttime walks in the summer because you’re bound to run into one eventually.

  23. I've been here for 15 years and have dogs that I walk regularly at night. We've had to evade skunks about three times in all of that time. Pretty sure there are skunks in Fairview as well.

  24. I lived in on Cedar for one year and saw at least 5 skunks (although it could’ve been the same skunk 5 times) and watched a skunk eat my upstairs neighbor’s garbage. No doubt we have skunks here also - maybe I was just extremely unlucky.

  25. ESPN insiders are directly taking cues and statements from NFL officials and owners and you somehow think ESPN, as a traditional outlet, would be LESS biased?

  26. I listen to a ton of Jomboy media shit but they are insanely pro-player and wouldn’t dare step on most players’ toes. ESPN has a ton of people who work for them who aren’t mouthpieces for ownership and refs, actually I’d argue the vast majority are not. Jeff Passan works for them, for fuck sake. ESPN is such a gigantic machine with so many people saying different things that it’s silly to think of it like a monolith.

  27. Correct, but in certain circumstances it’s important to note - like when a sports media outlet is constantly piling on officials and literally putting words in their mouths.

  28. fwiw that team is currently winless and in last place in the league, so it seems to be more of a team management thing rather than league management

  29. It’s funny because that clip felt like the most Hue Jackson-esque shit on earth and he’s throwing up Hue Jackson records. He also was our RB coach under Hue Jackson.

  30. Freddie was only there in 2018 and came in with Todd Haley. This dude was the RB coach for 1-31. Also, the interim was Gregg Williams and Freddie was the next HC after him.

  31. I love the taper. I get to reset my mind and legs and take on the race at full strength.

  32. Yep, I finished the taper and ran my race, felt well rested on race morning without a hint of all the mileage I had done on my legs and smashed my HM PB by over 12 minutes and came in well under my sub 90 goal that has eluded me for years.

  33. Congrats on sub 90. I ran 91:40 a few years ago and haven’t come close since.

  34. Easier to rig games now. Tons of money on the over? Use the dead balls. Aaron judge needs a HR? bring in the springy ones. Baseball is compromised.

  35. Maybe if you’re a total dummy who thinks everything is a conspiracy. You’d need a bunch of people coordinating to make a few bucks and if they were going through all of that trouble there are better ways to collude and fix games than the balls.

  36. The biggest mistake was to vertically integrate Rawlings into MLB.

  37. Fun fact: when they they switched from Spalding to Rawlings in 1975, offense spiked out of nowhere because Rawlings had to figure out what they were doing. I’m of the opinion that the balls have always been changing but we have more access to the players crying about it now than we ever have.

  38. Sounds like Barry would be better used in the dugout or front office instead of the broadcast booth.

  39. A ton of people wanted him over David Bell back when that happened. I wonder if he wants anything to do with that though - color commentary for only home games is probably a sweet gig.

  40. As much as it should be Johnny Bench, I really think to certain generations it will never not be Pete Rose.

  41. Yeah even in the sheer unlikeability category Hue is in the same conversation

  42. I will say, even though our team was awful and a laughing stock and Hue was a dummy, it wasn’t as much of a backstabbing shit show as Jax was last season. The org generally felt like a professional football team but it was a bad one.

  43. Y'all are actually insane. We have a serial sexual assaulter who can't be trusted alone with a woman as a quarterback, and you're talking about Baker fucking Mayfield saying he can't conduct himself as an adult. This sub went off the deepend.

  44. You’re pretending like that other stuff really matters within the workplace. I probably work with some shitty people who do shitty things but if they get the work done and act professional I’d rather work with that than a great dude who is frequently screwing up and throwing shade at everyone else afterward.

  45. I'm just saying maybe we as fans should hold off on the criticism of Baker's character considering the new QB is easily one of the worst people in the league. It's very obvious that Watson's issues matter less to the locker room than Baker's, even though they absolutely shouldn't. That doesn't mean fans have to be as ridiculous as our players and management and act like Baker is the devil when we have that dude on our team.

  46. I don’t think anyone here thinks Baker is “the devil” but I personally do think he’s very immature and frequently runs his mouth off when he’d be better served being quiet. He’s just about talked himself out of being a starter in the NFL and may have actually fully done it already. His talent isn’t big enough for how huge his ego is.

  47. Sure it is but all that the Browns are really concerned with is if he can play football. Baker seems like a decent dude but he’s just not very good and when you have a chance to go from a Honda Civic to a sex pest Porsche, there’s really not a price too high.

  48. Yeah same thing. Many family members, friends , co workers etc all talked about the move in football terms and rarely mention the civil suits. The couple that did just talked about how it doesn’t matter in the end because he’ll still be playing football regardless of how the civil process goes.

  49. My little brother (Bengals fan) called me and was like “man, you guys got a good QB” and when I mentioned the other stuff he was like “oh I heard about that. That’s weird” so I wouldn’t doubt if that’s where a lot of people are.

  50. Sure his take is fair. But trading Winker and Suarez only to not sign Castellanos. Then you bring your rookie pitchers in? Sounds ass backwards to me. Why not keep the stars let the young staff build confidence this season then ship people off if that's how you feel.

  51. You think Castellanos would sign here after they traded Winker and Suarez? No way in hell.

  52. I guess you didn’t watch 2019 or half of 2020 if you think mayfield only had “1 bad year”

  53. It’s rich when people who didn’t watch him actually play his entire career and have seen mostly highlights say that the Browns should’ve hitched themselves to Baker for a decade.

  54. Considering Browns fans were extremely high on Baker for the last few years, it's amazing to see how quickly they were willing to entirely turn on him and pretend they felt that way before Watson came along.

  55. There are Browns fans who were extremely high on him but 2021 was a “let’s see if he can take a step to being a franchise QB”

  56. When the "Ive made a grave mistake" moment sets in

  57. Exactly. “I feel worse than I’ve ever felt in my life and I have to now complete a 5+ mile run in front of a ton of people. Shit.”

  58. How on this green earth does officially sanctioning it make it *more* ethical than the family running as bandits???? That's nuts.

  59. Also how does a race director not just get people pulled from the race if they’re openly banditing it? Have a fucking spine.

  60. Yeah sure but people are acting like had the Browns not offered what they did, Watson wouldn’t have ever played again or gotten any guaranteed money ever again. It’s fun to pick on one team but it’s not like this was Watson’s only chance at ever getting moved anywhere.

  61. And then we'd be ripping on that team instead

  62. I mean, if it makes you feel better go ahead, I guess. Scream into that void.

  63. We evaluated Baker and determined he’s not a franchise QB, and he’s also a huge pain in the ass behind the scenes. I think Berry would’ve loved to send Baker to the Steelers

  64. Even if you think Baker stinks you might still think he stinks less than Trubisky and therefore think he’d make the Steelers better.

  65. Not if you already signed trubisky like two months ago

  66. I’m saying that if Trubsiky is their starter and you, the Browns, think Baker is better than him you’d be making the Steelers better even if Baker stinks.

  67. So can we all promise to send at least one email with some bullshit?

  68. I saw a man and his pig show up to vote and they each got one vote. They did vote Blystone though… also it turns out the pig was just a really fat guy.

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