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  1. Lohnt es sich deiner Meinung nach C1E zu machen, oder sollte man sich lieber direkt für CE anmelden?

  2. The cab should be a Mercedes NG or SK. Judging by the front lights and the mirrors. Can't really tell from this angle

  3. The passenger and driver windows look like it's a SK

  4. I’ve seen a few riding around in Houston, but all of them had Mexican plates. That and the Sirocco would sell well in the US.

  5. The scirocco has been gone for 5 years now

  6. I like your use of floor holes! I have a coal/steel plant in the same spot and I just might steal the idea. :P

  7. I know. That's why I said 4 MK3 miners at 250% produce 2400 coal/minute.

  8. May I ask how much you paid for it? Because these cars are either pretty expensive for their age or completely corroded.

  9. As a European that's not unexpected, but rather the exact thing I'd expect to happen in the US.

  10. How did you recognize that by seeing the crankshaft?

  11. I'm a little lost here. Is there a requirement for the number to be at least 3 or 4 digits long?

  12. Well neither 13, 14, 16, 17 nor 19 are divisible by 3.

  13. But OP claimed that it's not a requirement for the number to be divisible by 3, but rather a way to check if it is divisible by 3.

  14. FS16 says:

    Toyota here def has a much smaller presence than in the US, but we do get pretty much all the Toyotas I like the most. GR Yaris (which i dont think you can get in the US?), new GR 86, Supra, and Land Cruiser just to name the most interesting ones to me

  15. They actually already stopped selling the Camry again. In Germany at least.

  16. FS16 says:

    Austria here, they brought the Camry back for 2020

  17. They started selling it here in 2019 with only one engine option but already discontinued it as of this year.

  18. That's impressive for 1973. The biggest modern truck for a long time was the CAT 797F at 440 tons payload, and the current biggest is a newly released machine out of Belarus at 546 tons payload.

  19. Did you buy it in Italy? If so, did you use to find it?

  20. Also helau un alaaf is allet von köln über düsseldorf, aber eben uch teile des saarlands

  21. As a European who's never seen one of these, neither known of their existence, the front end kinda reminds me of a hippo. Not trying to be disrespectful here, it's just so huge. What's the name of that model anyway?

  22. towed by a sport turismo. that is rich.

  23. The HB plate stands for the city of Bad Homburg, a city with one of the highest, if not the highest, density of millionaires within it's population in the whole country. So no wonder the towing car is a Sport Turismo.

  24. Akshuallyyyyyyy...HB stands for Hansestadt Bremen. Bad Homburg would be HG.

  25. Oh you're right. I always forget Bremen even exists.

  26. Do people in the US use winter tires in places like this? I wouldn't be surprised about accidents like this if not.

  27. Everytime I see one of those road trains I wonder why the FH is so popular for this purpose in Australia.

  28. Could you be so kind to pass on the link, please?

  29. How many miners did you have to use? And are there even any coal nodes left untouched?

  30. People downvoted me because I don’t speak German 🥲

  31. I don't really get it. What's the upcoming feature exactly?

  32. I'd love a high quality Ford mod in my fleet but sadly I haven't found one yet.

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