1. Most of americas population is progressive, but most land area isn’t, if that makes sense

  2. English is native for some people and foreign for like 90% of the world, including me, so it's also unclear what you meant

  3. USA is starting to loose favor for Israel, not as fast as we should considering that they are war criminals, but still


  5. Yeah I just want to blow my brains out in front of these people to prove a point 🥰

  6. My dog kinda just sideway stands on their bed like , here is a diagram of what it looks like she will lay on her side, with her legs straight out

  7. Where I live in Indiana is 50 min from Chicago , 20 to Michigan , tons of trails and Lake Michigan hiking , camping . It’s a nature lovers dream !

  8. Where I live we have Straßenfest, and Oktoberfest in town, and a large city (Evansville) like an hour away

  9. I Wonder what the American flag would look like in the style of the EU flag

  10. I can deal with Joel being dead, i could deal with all of the stuff that happens, but when Ellie was sitting in that house, helpless and alone, it hit a fucking chord

  11. Maybe Orville Popcorn, Orville came from Indiana and 20% of the countries popcorn is produced here

  12. Where are you located? I’ve lived her my whole life and rarely come in contact with people that are like that

  13. I’m in Southern Indiana (Dubois) and it’s really like that. But I still think it’s Better than Greene county.

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