1. Yeah I generally disagree with about everything he makes. Like I get it's top of the top tier type deal but I fear ubi will use this to balance characters.

  2. Why they hell did they even re work conq? He was one of the best heros in the game and it's ok to have 1 or 2 characters bash/defense dependent so long as NOT ALL ARE.

  3. Conq did need something. I'd put them in the same tier as Valkyrie. Not necessarily needing a rework, but definitely needs quality of life improvements.

  4. He seemed to be extremely popular with the best players in the game mostly due to the fact that somehow people with 60 + fps can react to the bash. (I literally play on an Xbox one s and I can react to almost every bash except griffins. Not even a good player either).

  5. I don't think I hate any other character more than her. Like she literally couldn't beat the demi God of stars so she just released aids upon the world like a coward and then brags about how she's never been defeated before. It's like taking a gun to fistfight and right before you have been defeated you just shoot the dude who was going to win.

  6. Radahn Fan tries to understand the meaning of the words "stalemate" and "no victor" (impossible)

  7. Yeah but you also literally destroy everyone and everything around you. More like releasing a horrible bioweapon that infects an entire region an drives you half insane. Also makes you stank.

  8. For every good take there are 2 bad ones, this is one of the two

  9. How? The game was more enjoyable, more successful, and had more unique movesets. You didn't have to be a psychologist to play it, you just had to memorize move sets and timing.

  10. How's the accuracy with the 8mm conversion? Idk if I'd rather have an 8mm or 7.62x54r in a practical sense.

  11. It’s nice for ammo because I like masuers but the recoil on this platform is awful. It kicks like a mule.

  12. They are though. Your political views are usually based on your values which make up your personality. Just because a stalinist is an extremely good person to me doesn't mean that I would want to be friends with a stalinist. The sad part is that it really does matter depending on the issue

  13. I'm 31 years old. There are lots of rifles older than me considered "collectors items". I dont give a fuck what some idiot is willing to pay for a "perfect" milsurp gun. Guns are utility to me. All I care about is performance.

  14. This isn't a utility gun. That's like saying "I only care about performance" but then buying a Ford model t and trying to supe it up to modern specs.

  15. No. There is a demonstrable difference in basic performance between a model T and modern cars. The only things needed to make an old Mauser as accurate as a new bolt gun is a new barrel and a stock thag free floats the barrel. Its not a major project. If you already have the receiver, building a fantastic precision rifle takes about $1000 and a gunsmith that knows how to run a lathe.

  16. That's the old barrel on it and you can buy a gun that's just as accurate for that much or less or you could've just sold that gun for over a grand and bought a precision rifle

  17. How much are decent k31s going for in the states these days if I'm allowed to ask?

  18. Yes, a lot, it takes some practice to shoot 500+ meters. But long range sniping is the most fun i have in this game

  19. I feel like of we banned guns the vast majority of these "firearm" deaths would be replaced by vehicle and cutting instrument deaths

  20. Honestly fuck her. I'd feel sorry for the dude she's dating. But if you REALLY want revenge get some really expensive gender change surgery, get her new bf drunk, sleep with him, call her while he's still sleeping, and tell her to enjoy the std(s).

  21. 19 should be everything. Tobacco, alcohol, drivers licence, firearms, age of consent, legal contracts.

  22. You could probably just give him a swift shove and knock him over. He wouldn't be able to get up due to his 300 lbs of back fat acting as an anchor.

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