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  1. The main issue with SBMM in fall guys is your starting position is RNG, so the players starting in the front row have an advantage over those starting in the back — especially with rounds that have disappearing hexagon shortcuts this season. The point of SBMM is to have all players of a similar skill level on an even playing field. It doesn’t work in fall guys.

  2. I’ve never before seen a meme that I so wholeheartedly relate to more than this.

  3. I’m sorry but everybody in the world who is into games, and gaming culture could tell you — “If Hideo Kojima wants to use your platform, you throw money at him to do so.”

  4. Haha, I don’t even know what I did here… did I shoot their grenade or something? Lol

  5. I think the thing that’s so compelling about the last of us, is that it draws a very fine, grey line between who the good guys are, and if there even are any.

  6. Instead, maybe they could use a couple of seasons to tell stories of what happened in the 5 years between Part 1 and 2, with Neil Druckmann in charge, I bet he'd want to share his ideas of how those 5 years went in a way that we didn't experience in the games. And once we get to Part 2, I don't think it'll be too much of a challenge, they really have put the work in for this adaptation of Part 1, they shouldn't have much problem with Part 2 once the time comes.

  7. Yup, this is exactly what I came here to say. I don’t want them to go beyond the source material to the point they’re making it up as they go along. That’s what happened to GoT. Sure, they had a general outline of where it was headed and D&D wanted to finish it in a rush, but this show doesn’t have to do that. There’s a lot of time between the two games to tell stories.

  8. I hope the norm becomes devs holding out on sharing release dates until they know they can meet that. Take the pressure off them, which will hopefully reduce crunch and allow them to let us know a release date when the game is good and ready.

  9. Eh, I’m still playing Skate 3 to this day. RR struggles to keep my attention

  10. Is skate 3 on ps5? Like, is it in the classic ps catalogue or something? Never played it and it’s constantly praised.

  11. It’s not on ps5 but there’s a new skate game called session and it looks very similar to skate 3 but you can get a ps3 and a copy of skate fairly cheap now

  12. I saw session! Looks amazing but without social elements I don’t wanna drop £50 on it. Will definitely be picking up in a sale though. Gameplay looks so relaxing, would love to be able to play with my friends.

  13. This helped me a year after you posted it, you beautiful bastard.

  14. Haha! No prob. Surprised this is still an issue, thought they’d have made it a little clearer in recent patches.

  15. One night in my old flatshare (me, two sisters from Canada, and a guy from Scotland) I was sitting at my desk fidgeting with my keys when I noticed it had MK engraved on the back. The next day I was chatting with the guy, James, and was like “hey weird question. Can I try my key on your bedroom door? I think this is a master key.” He thought it was a crazy idea and that MK could mean anything, but we did try, and I was right.

  16. If you zoom in really far and squint, you can just about make out the zipline that I placed outside his lab.

  17. I’d do the best I could with that single sheet hanging from the opening at the bottom, and make an uncomfortable trip home in shame.

  18. I really like the skin too. Alongside Gwen, I think it’s my favourite skin in the pass.

  19. This is accurate. And I’d argue that the trickle down effect extends beyond solos.

  20. If you enjoyed what you’ve played so far — absolutely.

  21. Game leaks have gotten so much worse over the past few years and it’s devastating for the devs. What exacerbates the leaks is the toxic side of gaming culture. With TLOU2, it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if it wasn’t for opposing console owning players revelling in it, meming it, review bombing the game and sending abuse to the devs/cast/fans of the games. I felt so sorry for everybody at ND when that happened.

  22. I mean technically you could have… y’know, if you bought your way to tier 200 lol

  23. There’s new voice acted scenes that actually sounds professional and in line with the GTA character tone. And videos of full internal tools. That’s different from Neir.

  24. Also the character mentions Jay Norris in NPC leaked clip. Jay Norris is a character who Michael kills in GTAV. This is real.

  25. I felt the same way watching them. If these clips are real — albeit still in development — the animations and graphics look poor. Not bad per sé, but we’re used to Rockstar pushing the envelope. The jump from GTAV to RDR2 for example was huge. This just looks like GTAV.

  26. Listen, last Sunday was rough for a multitude of reasons. But a lot of teams had a rough start and they don’t have arguably the best QB to ever play the sport.

  27. Full trailer for the show, and something a little more than concept art for factions and I’m happy.

  28. I have been blessed on the three or four times I’ve had this mode to be with random teammates who work together to do it and have qualified — but MAN is it frustrating then having to wait ten minutes spectating the other teams just run around and grief each other.

  29. My first reaction is — I bet it’s not who you think it is. Kojima knows the first thing we’ll say is “it’s Louise”, which automatically makes me think it’s not.

  30. There is a counter when it starts. 1 hour 39 mins elft if i am correct ( i dont have the game open right now)

  31. FINALLY. slime climb and scraper are my favourite levels. I just find them enjoyable. The fact that so many people get eliminated in them is just a bonus lol.

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