1. I don't know if I'm being hyperbolic when I say the Gio/Gary for Donaldson was the best trade this franchise has ever made (or at least in the 21st century).

  2. Granted my brain doesn't have a catalog of trades memorized, but I'm struggling to come up with what I would sure fire put above the Donaldson trade.

  3. Yes. Insurance payouts to ALLLLL the victims would reduce how many would own guns and what premiums would be paid based on the size of the weapon. How many people get into deliberate car accidents for the payout / criminal charges for fraud? House=insurance. Car=insurance. Business=insurance. Life=insurance. What's so hard with mandatory gun insurance?

  4. Mainly? It prices out a huge portion of the population, which has already been deemed as unconstitutional when dealing with a "right".

  5. Agreed. But remember, when the right to bare arms is military weapons and soon, laser vaporizers, we need to start limiting and classifying. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Don't bring a gun to a laser blast. When does it stop? When everyone has a Daffy Duck Disintegration Pistol? Books can't be more damaging than daily school massacres.

  6. Obviously this was tongue in cheek, but it's hard to tell how much.

  7. If only we could all have your sense of unearned pride lol. Nice primer on how to make a straw man. You’re like a baseball team who just lost but started pouring Gatorade on their pitcher anyway

  8. I’ve always thought that this is a good scenario to try the fingerprint identification on guns.

  9. This is one of those bsounds nice in theory, but doesn't actually get all that much done and further results in gun ownership being a difficulty for impoverished/marginalized people.

  10. You have to be honest about your averages. It's not a best ball avg. It's a legitimate average. I have my simulator data from different sims because I can't determine my distance on a range i can get estimates. I also recommend basing it on 2 clubs 5i equation is 5i distance x36. My avg drive is around 270, but my avg 5i is 180. So I play anywhere from 6300-6600. If I went based on my drive only I would be clubbing up and swinging for the fences with my irons.

  11. It's still not great. My "good hit" avg distance for my driver is 280. My true average is 250 (between misfits or slices).

  12. You don't base it on a good hit average, you base it on true average. The only thing I remove from my averages are severe mishits. I'm talking the ones that are just topped or fatted. I don't do it often enough I generally hit within a 10 yard variable. Do I sometimes smoke a 300 yd drive, yeah, but on average I hit 270 comfortable, there might be a slice or a toey hit that goes 250 but I keep those in there. All my clubs have had an average calculated around 30 balls (currently in the process of redoing it with new irons)

  13. Yea, which is why my true average is down at 250. If its not off the toe/sliced. It's going between 270-300. You start adding in duck hooks, balls that slice 90 yards right. You're looking at a range of like 230 to 260. Start throwing in the handful of 280 yard shots and you come out to 250 average. Like you I toss the extreme outliers. If I hit one of those pulled straight left at head height and I have to drop 104 yards out that number doesn't really help for gapping purposes.

  14. Direct answer to your question is my gap wedge gets far more use than my lob. I typically don’t even bother carrying a lob wedge. My gap is 52* and is one of my go-to clubs from layup distance 90-115. I will pull the gap probably 10-12 times in a typical round. If and when I do carry a lob, it gets pulled maybe once or twice. My primary club around the greens is a 56* with 12* of bounce. It’s easy to hit and incredibly versatile after some dedicated hours of practice with it.

  15. Ha yeah, I should say using the face of the club, not the bottom...

  16. It's surprising how many people over look that part. One of my playing partners hits it about 10 yards further than me on average. But the only way he ca. Hold a green is by landing 10 yards in front of the fringe and hoping it rolls on and stays on.

  17. Nothing wrong with the low flight but you know you did it right when it hits once, hops then almost completely stops. I love hitting that shot but it is wildly different than hitting it on the sole of the club and watching it run out 75 yards.

  18. Yea, if you can still spin it on a low ball flight it's gorgeous.

  19. Several local courses do this, but you must pay with a credit card if you're not a member. They put a temp hold on card for several hundred in case there's an issue or not returned.

  20. I had to buy all my own equipment for high school sports. Jerseys were reused every year, I had the same soccer one for three straight years.

  21. Same, and any of the cool warmup/casual wear for the team was either big $$ up front or selling things for boosters.

  22. It's make sense for 90% of the populous, but not 90% of the country.

  23. People really want to judge this guy for dying…this whole thread is gross

  24. If you aren’t hitting driver off this tee box, I just assume you’re not a fun person /s

  25. If I had even 1 drive land in the fairway before this hole I'm taking driver.

  26. Yes, if the inside of your elbow bends too much the wrong way then it will hit. Happens more in young women and children too due to their elbows being slightly more flexible.

  27. With compounds and proper form there is no need for arm protector.

  28. Yes correct form doesn't need one, however in all the competitions I went to they were mandatory and all the places I've coached in they are mandatory. Even with long sleeves. Mind you that was with children.

  29. Ya know, at leas you didn't 180 on him like all the twins fans who went from hating the Astros to loving correa

  30. Oh no! No other fan bases would ever do that! No way.

  31. I'm in the northern US. Courses didn't open until the first week of May, and will be over by the 2nd week of October.

  32. Just play a champ you like a lot. Once you know a champ in and out you’ll make it work. If you try to one trick a “strong” champ that you don’t enjoy playing, it will be very difficult to stick to that champ.

  33. No tier list will ever convince me poppy isn't S tier in solo Q.

  34. I mean yeah, but honestly they were just the better team overall. "Better on the day" sounds like it was close, and slight margins could have changed the outcome. But that wasn't the case in this match up, where C9 was just heavily outclassed by FNC. If he said it once it would have been w/e. But he said it often enough that I still remember it 4 years after the game lol

  35. I honestly think that's just part of his lexicon. He says it all the damn time. Even when its a bottom tier LCS team vs TL/C9/EG.

  36. Exactly haha. Technically anyone can fill it out and get one, but that’s gotta be endless bad mojo for your golf game

  37. Having that option sounds great, I can't Imagine taking a month off, let alone years

  38. I mean the trade offs are huge, and they were to do that off the back of savings + having a spouse with a decent job in a LCOL area. (Lots of nurses apparently)

  39. Did you find an oil field worker who retired to raise a family? They probably exist, but compared to the amount of mothers who stopped working retail to raise kids, it probably isn't even .1%. Hearing complaints from one but not the other makes sense

  40. You know I almost threw $10 on him at +10000 as a flyer. I'll be pretty upset if he wins after not doing it lol

  41. His group was a 3 ball prop bet and he was +250. Thought "haha nope, not throwing that $10 away"

  42. I must be one of the few that doesn’t buy into the hype anymore. I fully get his legacy in the game and all, but let’s be honest, he’s absolutely miles behind most of the guys in the field these days and there’s better players to watch, just my opinion.

  43. I mean yea, nobody is arguing he is going to light up the tour again.

  44. Yeaaaa...until league players are getting kicked off stage during finals for yelling slurs lol esports will remain as nowhere near the most toxic.

  45. I'm fairly certain part of the issue is on 99.9% of situations you want your summer spell to have prio on Champs (imagine trying to cleanse somebody standing next to drag, but it not working because the game thinks you're trying to cleanse drake lol)

  46. I agree, but in this scenario smite should be specific to objectives and champs, there aren't any other SS used on objectives

  47. I find it disingenuous that they call it 4k, not that "4k" really even means anything anymore. The bitrate that 4k Netflix delivers is about 1/3 the bitrate of a standard 1080p Blu-ray disc, and almost 1/10th the bitrate of high end UHD Blu-rays. A few other streaming services do a much better job in terms of fidelity, but Netflix doesn't even seem like they're trying.

  48. Is Disney one of the ones that do better? Their 4k seems markedly better than Netflix.

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