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  1. Just show up to class and do all the work... if you put enough time (different per person) You'll get it done... but for me it was a time to grew up more than anything. You are suddenly surrounded by people that have different backgrounds than your self. Your going to learn just as much from those people than professors. You control your on faith in collage make it what you want it to be.

  2. I probably just pick the one that listened the best and move on with my life.

  3. Are we just going to ignore the EMS working on that person?

  4. You mean the father placing his son in the carriage? I don't know what phone/monitor you're rocking but my god man get more pixels!

  5. My wife is an alumni... applied twice over the years. No response either time. Once heard it had been filled from a the person who was leaving the position and who recommended her for the job.

  6. Heh applies to my Downhill Mountain biking. People are like omg that's so crazy. Like electricity it's a learned skill and the higher the consequence the more cautious I am..... Which is why all of my falls have been low speed in stupid situations like lift lines or playing around. Same thing service laterals on a 36kV xfmr, fuck where's the 20cal gloves and mask. 120 at home, okay is it off, no really, tap to the box look away, cool proceed.

  7. We'd be friends... electrician, down hill MTDer, and I'll talk you into white water.

  8. I want it to be 100% of everything he is worth. I never want to hear the name Alex Jones again.

  9. They definitely didn't have cars when they rebuilt the city from scratch in 1853. Apart the periphe and the champs Elysees it's pretty good.

  10. It was rebuilt so an army could march through it... and tamp down uprising.

  11. That was at best a secondary priority - and according to Haussmanns very honest memoirs, not even a priority at all - but its just sound exciting in a sort of edgy-historic kind of way, so it’s just eternally being repeated.

  12. Yeah it's not a that simple but it's a fun theory.

  13. I'm thinking they did it with one handle to ensure that california always leans left.

  14. Does keeps the up stairs air from lose heat in the winter and blocking it off in the summer to keep it cool?

  15. I got a pretty tough cat around here some where. He was born in a pool of gasoline.

  16. 'Anonymous' isn't a singular group, literally anyone can claim to be Anonymous.

  17. Any of the 50 "white people taco" places would work.

  18. Perfectly summarized my thoughts. Give me authentic street tacos any day of the week.

  19. Best street taco in town... 1129 Cedar Lane Rd, Greenville, SC 29617. The red trailer. Not the other one.

  20. I need to see the engine fire up from COLD! And take it for a spin. Before I hand over that kind of money.

  21. I've been to drag brunches before at ink and ivy in DT. It was really fun and there were a few families with children there.

  22. this report says 2.6 million in the US for whitewater kayaking ( which seems really high to me)

  23. I have no clue but If we could get a yearly sales count from all manufacturers that would be a starting point. Probably x3 that number.

  24. There aways a party if your looking for it. Join a club your interested in. Some of the best parties I went to were climbing club, free ride (MTB), ruby (you will throw up), Clemson radio, all throw great parties. Typically those environments you only need to know one person there and your in. Any you might take up a cool hobby.

  25. Nope your more likely to F it up more than anything. When you weld a boat you actually have to cut "v" around the weld removing plastic so you can mix the boat and rod plastic together. If you dont do that the weld will just pop off. Just wait for it to brake the weld then weld. And bring a roll of tape on the river.

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