1. Hey:) Im considering to buy these aswell. So I was wondering how they held up until now? Anything to consider? Thanks :)

  2. I switched back to my Altras for spring/summer hiking but they did great through the winter! I just had to re-waterproof them every 150 miles or so. I'm still very happy with my purchase.

  3. Hey one more question :) Did the leather become much softer, how much did they break in? Im asking because I have a hard time deciding between to half sizes. The smaller one rubs my heel more, so Im almost set on the bigger size, but worry that the shoe might lose stiffness and then become to unsupported, given that I already have a lot of space in it. So maybe I would become sloppy around the midfoot... Hope you can give me some insights, Thanks!

  4. I haven't noticed that it stretched any significant amount!

  5. A highly biddable dog with fantastic obedience, reliable recall, and a tendency to stick close would be your best best. No dog is going to be a true deterrent but dogs without those qualities are almost sure to make your encounters worse.

  6. That is a very old-school medication and isn't usually used anymore beyond situations where the dog needs to be konked out (like recovering from an injury with a hyper dog, etc.).

  7. It is extremely unsafe to leave your anxious dog home alone with a muzzle on, especially one that is tight enough to restrict barking.

  8. Social, Civil, and Savvy is another great book!

  9. What kinds of surfaces are you working on? For concrete or other flat, man-made surfaces, you might want to check out the Birkenstock QS line. For mud/slippery/more rugged surfaces, there really isn't a great option at this time. My partner works outdoors and went with either steel-toed muck boots or wide keens. Neither are zero drop but both are decently wide.

  10. I tried the low and high all-weather altras and found that neither was waterproof.

  11. Threadz and tails makes custom fleeces but they can be pretty expensive. I also love Equafleece but IME the shipping time can be pretty long if you're international (they're in the UK).

  12. That doesn't really seem like separation anxiety? Usually signs of SA show up when a person or people leave and tend to decrease when they return, which doesn't really seem like the case here. From your post, it seems like there are a lot of fairly random triggers.

  13. Be Right Back by Julie Naismith or Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices by Malena De Martini

  14. I wear Shokz headphones so I can listen to podcasts and still hear my surroundings, but our walks were often in areas where I wasn't worried about running into other people, dogs, or cars.

  15. Of course! If she's enjoying it, isn't fatigued by the exercise, and is otherwise healthy, then absolutely do it.

  16. You should fill out the breed questionnaire, but from what you wrote here, my first thought was a lab. They're not "protective" per se but I agree with the other commenter that you probably don't actually want a truly protective dog.

  17. Dandelion's first dog show was a success! We got 4th place in the herding group in the beginner puppy (4-6 months) show. I showed my last dog but we never won anything, so I got a photo to commemorate our first win.

  18. Nooo that is NOT Dandelion! That dog is too grown up already πŸ₯²

  19. No dogs in this photo. Only leaves.

  20. Can you sew? I made this 8oz multifunction bag/coat for my dog:

  21. Personally im looking at these:

  22. I love these as like a fashion/casual boot but the tread is downright dangerous on even remotely slippery terrain.

  23. Ok, who's chopping onions in here 😭 I'm glad they're becoming fast friends!

  24. One is my preferred, but two is my max. I grew up with three to four in my household at once and I thought it was too much. I don't really like splitting my time and attention between that many dogs.

  25. The problem with truly waterproof booties is that they won't allow water to drain, and often snow/cold puddles are deep enough where water/snow is going to come up over the top of the boot. IME dogs also don't really need much warmth on their feet as much as they need just a protective layer from the ice and snow, although there are some fleece-lined boots if you feel like you really need more warmth.

  26. Sleepin with the fishes 🐟

  27. Agree with the other commentor about staying away from Pruyn. I've had good luck at Animal Clinic on Higgins. All 3 vets there have been great to both my dog and my cats.

  28. Seconding Animal Clinic! They're great.

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