1. So good it was posted twice in two minutes?

  2. App told me the video failed to upload.

  3. This guy has already done it all for the nookie.

  4. What a little crosseyed demon lord.

  5. Stella too old to care what anyone thinks about Stella.

  6. Chairs are good for reading and occasionally making the whoopie.

  7. Sweet Baby Ray's make a possum taste just fine.

  8. She's got one heck of a 5 o'clock shadow.

  9. Anything is better than just sitting around breathing mustard gas and getting trench foot.

  10. It was especially stupid considering all of the changes to the coaching staff, especially on the offensive side.

  11. They don't have any offensive coaches...

  12. "I'm Charles Barkley and I just bought three white boys "

  13. He looks like the archetype of an evil doctor.

  14. Chair looks surprised by its own existence.

  15. Shout out to the guys who play for The Utah Jazz.

  16. One of them is rolling hard on molly.

  17. Breaking news: Monkeypox, in an effort to get away from inflation, has accidentally set fire to parts of Europe and invaded Ukraine.

  18. "the entire state of Ohio"... was there another mod that only included a part of the state of Ohio?

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