1. It's ok as long as you only see it as fake and just a movie but be careful how much of this kinda stuff you watch because what you entertain your mind with will manifest inside you

  2. Amen!!! Haha Welcome to the sub reddit!!!

  3. It sounds like you may benefit from deliverance! Something dark may be bothering you in the spiritua realm. See if your church does deliverance. I’ll pray for you!

  4. I've thought about this multiple times but I don't think my church does that

  5. Sounds like the enemy is trying very hard to get you separated from God. I would heavily recommend seeking a spiritual leader and Christian counseling to help curb the dark. I pray for God's protection and peace for you.

  6. What kind of churches have those or where do you go???

  7. Yes feel free to talk to thoth next time you can get a hold of a talking parrot 🦜

  8. Thanks for the reply thats helpful and love the conversation too haha XD

  9. I’ve neglected whatever feelings I had/possibly have when I pray.

  10. That makes sense, I've never really felt like they were never heard because prayers are all heard, but that's something I struggle with is hearing and relating it to scripture is a helpful thing,

  11. I would say to if you feel stuck, re-read what you had read before. I always find something I overlooked and like a new found revelation.

  12. This is long sorry but informative and hopefully helpful

  13. I know EXACTLY what your talking about, You are not alone one bit This has been happening to me for 2 MONTHS because I've had intrusive thoughts and stuff and it scares the crap out of me, still dealing with it but getting a lot better I started reading the Bible and going to a great church and talking to my family ( who are Christians) about this too for advice Spiritual battles are very real, Keep close to LORD God and learn what you can

  14. But I accidentally said “God is e***” with my mouth and words while praying. It was a huge accident.

  15. Thats the part you should see is it was an accident You didn't intend for that to happen and God knows you didn't mean it

  16. God bless you, seriously Bless you I pray for you and keep that strong faith People who are not with LORD God will dislike you for faith in God

  17. I'm not saying he should, I'm saying it seems as if he is.. it's clearly the opposite of what we should do.

  18. Ah ok, Sorry for the misunderstanding or if I made you upset

  19. Absolutely not, please do not do that, it is pointless

  20. I don't know your situation fully, but

  21. Sure, What's going on??? Am a female by the way And even if it's just talking about what's on your mind or just like cute animals I'm here to help

  22. I have no idea what is causing you to feel this or what may have happened but I promise you if you ask him God will be there for you,

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