1. Well one of them hasn't written a full novel in a decade and the other writes a full decade worth of novels in a couple years. It's actually a pretty simple equation.

  2. But aren’t people still buying Martin’s books in huge quantities?

  3. Are they? I figure by this point, anyone who wanted to read his books has already done it, and people who haven't read them at this point will take a lot to convince.

  4. I don’t know, I understand Brandon Sanderson has been around for a while, but I’m just now getting one of his books from the library.

  5. Why tf can’t we keep violent ppl in prison here

  6. I am glad you approve of orgasming for both parties lol

  7. This makes no sense because everyone “has a personality.” There is no one with “no personality.” They choose tall fairly attractive guys they think will not cause legal problems lol

  8. I agree & this is the main flaw of 2020. I take this personally since I relate to Isabella Knightley. She is worried about snow because she doesn’t want to be away from her kids. NOT because she’s a hypochondriac.

  9. Because he was awful at first. You would probably be better served having Castellanos going to first and he wouldn’t be much better.

  10. You might like it! I think I was just annoyed by the grandiose claims it made & didn’t think the author backed them up well.

  11. Wait, so this is a search to find the lowest rated books on the site?

  12. These are some of my lowest-rated but yeah, you can search by either lowest-rated on GRs or your own personal lowest-rated books.

  13. It’s like the awkward conversion you have with your crack dealer before getting that sweet sweet crack.

  14. Do ppl always tell crack dealers how cheap crack USED to be in the good old days

  15. Lol. Do people say this about girl scout cookies? How cheap did they used to be?

  16. One woman came and told me they were 35 cents when she sold them! Pretty wild

  17. My now-10 year old reads a lot so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. I don’t really like the biography genre so I haven’t done this much. I have read Lucille Ball’s autobiography and her biography, though.

  19. helps with the maladaptive day dreaming being less maladaptive

  20. Right, that’s why I first started. I was like “if I write this down it’ll be less embarrassing than just daydreaming it” lol.

  21. It’s fun and, ever since I picked up the habit in fall 2022, I can’t not write.

  22. Yes, at that hour in the night and I would be if you were 6’4 or 5’4. If you were a very elderly gent with a tiny dog I wouldn’t be.

  23. @lovezoepotter her ‘what I ate in a day’ videos are so adorable and I love that because she’s Canadian they are a bit exotic lol

  24. No idea who this is but as a Canadian, I’m wondering what you consider exotic and am off to follow 😂

  25. I don’t think it will ever be finished. He hasn’t even released the 6th book. The 7th and final book will never come out.

  26. Why doesn’t he just release what he’s already written and make whatever tf that is the 6th book?

  27. Lmao. That’s an excellent question. I think he wrote himself into a corner with too many characters, too many intricate plot lines, and massive story arcs to complete. I don’t think he knows what to do anymore. He’s avoiding it. Or he just has awful work ethic. Either way it sucks.

  28. Like even if he didn’t get to every story line he wanted why not just release what he’s GOT to stop everyone talking about it. Then fix any loose ends with book 7

  29. I am shocked you haven’t deleted all of this yet. Good on you for taking the l.

  30. I stand by my “Seth Rogen said something annoying once” opinion lol

  31. idk, do you feel that way when peoples say things like “being a parent rocks! people will never know what unconditional love is until they hold their child for the first time!” or “life was meaningless until i had children”?

  32. Those examples you give are both super toxic, though! Ppl should never say either of those. What makes his statement bad (to me)is that he is talking about his own friends & family. He shouldn’t need to compare himself publicly to them to just say he is happy with his own choices.

  33. If it wasn’t for the Phillies this team would have been eliminated in the first round lol

  34. DNF Listening Valley by DE Stevenson. She’s always listed as “similar to” LM Montgomery, Jane Austen, etc etc. I’ve tried two of her books and just thought they were boring. Also, I’m not enchanted by a plotline where a 17 year old marries a man 40 years older than her.

  35. No, I’ve read a couple of banned books that sucked balls. I no longer have a goal to read a bunch of banned books.

  36. It's probably untrue anyway. They did a study where female participants were told to keep journals. What they weren't told is that the researchers were going to go back & look if the contents of the journals changed with their cycles, & they did not. The conclusion was that women perceive their periods as affecting their psychology because of the persistent cultural belief that it should work that way. Technically, the study was about mood, but it probably goes for other variables, too.

  37. There are physical signs for where you are at in your cycle, not just mood signs, but it might depend on how observant someone is.

  38. I guess it depends on what you see as the first half, because those first few days in a new cycle I'm not getting anything done.

  39. Yeah, I would say the most productive time is approaching ovulation.

  40. For me dialogue is the most fun because I like my characters interacting and bantering with each other. But I’m writing a cozy mystery right now.

  41. This sucks and it sucks that PPD doesn’t care about the average person’s safety.

  42. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I don't think a history of being abused or a porn addiction count as a grave psychological defect when it comes to annulment. It's more about being so out-of-touch with reality that you can't fully understand what it is you're consenting to when you marry. Your wife's annulment petition is likely to get rejected, especially if you live in a diocese that has been trying to crack down on sketchy annulment rulings.

  43. I don’t think it’s the kids when his wife has specifically said it’s the fact that he won’t stop looking at porn.

  44. For me 4 is “I really liked this book” and 5 is “I loved this book.” I love a lot of books!

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