1. Anti-abortion assholes: it’s heartbreaking, but what did the child do wrong?

  2. A major flaw in the idea that Jesus might or will return is this: not a single one of us, regardless of their faith, would recognize him as being Jesus.

  3. He probably already came back, got branded a weirdo, and got run out of town or murdered.

  4. I am pretty sure he would be living on the street, muttering to himself about the fact that no one listens to him anymore.

  5. Yeah, millions of that guy have died over the last few decades, to zero fanfare or recognition:

  6. Hotter take: if you don’t like what people have to say about a show, perhaps following a subreddit about the show isn’t the wisest thing.

  7. People didn’t follow this sub to see babies whining about the same thing all day

  8. People didn’t get hooked on this show because of a Joe-less dynamic.

  9. You have to vote for the people who aren’t actively trying to kill you. That’s the hard part, but it’s important.

  10. Not a single one of those assholes can name a single thing Biden did yo contribute to inflation, other than the stimulus money he approved, which was only a little more than half the amount that the guy before him approved.

  11. The quality has really come a long way. You can find stuff just as good as the original without having to pay for the “Mesopotamia” on the label.

  12. I like this for when claymores, arcs, hibana, or Jager aren’t available options.

  13. There is no such thing as a “Biden supporter”, only a “Biden voter”.

  14. Do you seriously think this isn't edited or havent you read the rules of that sub?

  15. No, those K’s aren’t silent anymore. They’re back to being pronounced out loud and in the clear.

  16. Rush Limbaugh spent the entire 80s demonstrating how profitable and pervasive right wing hate porn can be. Newt Gingrich brought that crap into the forefront of the House, and Fox News stood up to protect his loud, moron mouth from the big bad mainstream media who must all be in cahoots, not a bunch of reasonable individuals who all looked at him and reached the same conclusion independently: “wtf is that guy’s deal?”

  17. Also, the bar in the quoted tweet is being set at “America. Hey, at least we’re not the Taliban.” Even if they make their point, they lose.

  18. Make sure to take a taste first, otherwise you’re insulting the chef. And Jessica’s family.

  19. It really does come down to voting against whoever you hate the most, and not even bothering to pretend it's about picking the right person for the job

  20. Where's the booze? How do they have sex? What about the bathroom? So many questions

  21. The “harsh reality” is that it’s not liquor flowing through that IV drip.

  22. The 9th circuit needs to be split up into 3. Let’s make it 15.

  23. I agree, but the Overton window has moved so far to the right that Biden is considered left wing, when he would be just right of center anywhere that hasn’t completely lost its fucking mind.

  24. "Vote blue no matter who" and "Vote for the lesser of two evils" has sent us to hell.

  25. Democrats lost 1 popular vote since 1992, yet 6 of 9 sitting justices have been appointed by republicans.

  26. Disagreed. The tragedy of 9/11 and 1/6 are both split.

  27. Pick any two-week period from the last 7 years, and you should have enough to end his career. “Potatoe” and the Howard dean scream we’re career-enders. Pussy-grabbing, compulsive lying, doing nothing but golfing and rage tweeting, openly admitting that dogging on the press was merely psychological warfare, assaulting the first amendment, kids in cages, making fun of the disabled, injecting bleach, Covid is a hoax, taxing lower-middle class, etc etc etc etc

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