1. He couldn't stand seeing Rory with another guy. He didn't want to get involved with her because he knew that she wouldn't be just a fling. He realized at the party that he had it bad for her.

  2. The price of eggs has really gone up. But in my area, they are still cheaper than most Starbucks drinks.

  3. That looks so good. If I'm lazy and low on ingredients, I will sometimes have just black beans warmed up with Tostitos salsa queso.

  4. Buy the wild caught frozen salmon at any grocery Should be 14 to 16 dollars a bag. You get 6 to 8 fillets. Bake at 425 until done about 15- 20 min if just thawed. Season with kosher salt. Make sure they dont color the fish.

  5. I think that Lorelai would have gone to college. She would have had a lot of fun, hooked up with cute guys, but matured by the time that she graduated. She would have loved being away from her parents. She might have started out majoring in liberal arts but ended up liking her business classes and deciding to open an Inn.

  6. Are you young? Full cheekbones are actually a youthful trait. You don't want to suck the fat out only to want it injected back in when you are older. I always had a rounder face and my sister had a thinner face. I hated my round face. But now that I am older, I'm glad because it looks more youthful.

  7. I hope that it turns out great. I noticed that they were offering boxes as add-on's (Birthday Box, Date Night Box, etc...) and they were nice. So hopefully you'll get some nice surprises too.

  8. I'd pick an eye cream with retinol (for night use) if you are worried about fine lines.

  9. She was meant to be funny and over the top. She is the same actress that was the harp player Drella in season 1. (she also voices Lois Griffin on Family Guy). ASP was having a lot of fun with the character. I think she's funny and I love how she is like 100 years old. And ASP worked with her again in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

  10. I hope not (big Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs fan).

  11. I have this in my cart right now. I own full size bottles of Gold, Moss and Velvet. I love them. Commodity is my favorite scent brand, I will probably gift the samples of the ones I own but I’ve heard great things about Milk in particular and Book was on my want list when I initially bought Moss (the first full size I bought). So I am excited to get a tester of the ones I don’t have.

  12. The ones that you own and like would be great to carry in your bag for touch-ups later in the day.

  13. Yes, I wish they were bigger. I think I'm going to keep them, though. I've been wanting to try a few.

  14. And you can usually tell if you hate a scent on the first try. So you will be able to cross the ones you don't like off of your list. And get a general idea of the ones that you do like.

  15. You can still treat yourself to a 4 piece McNuggets (170 calories), or my favorite 6 piece McNuggets (250 calories) with spicy Buffalo sauce (30 calories) once in a while. I am trying to eat better, but will go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets when I am craving fast food. Eat better and exercise, but allow yourself an indulgence now and then. It helps me to write all of my calories down and follow CICO (calories in calories out) which allows me to have those 6 piece nuggets once in a while. There is a great reddit sub called CICO that is very helpful.

  16. I just got it by refreshing. People are dropping add-ons after selecting their box choices.

  17. I had heard about it happening to other people but I admit I figured it was their mistake. Like when they clicked more info they accidentally added to cart. I just checked my box to see if Winter shipped and it showed my spring add on. Well it showed $13 cat toys added to my cart. Which is strange cause I don't have a cat. So I didn't even click on Cat toys. I double checked cart sure enough cat toys had magically appeared. Which I removed of course But now I'm worried this will happen again! I mean how do you prevent this? I know from people talking about it in past FFF does not help them.

  18. It has happened twice to me on things that I did not click on or look at.

  19. I escaped at 53. Fully prepared to be alone for the rest of my life. More likely to be struck by lightning, etc, etc. My only real hope was that I would get to have sex again before I died. I was wrong. I found the love of my life and he was even younger than me. I may be an old bag but 53 till now has been the best years of my life. And I am nothing special. If it happened to me it could happen to you too. It is not impossible.

  20. I love this movie. It's weird but good. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were very passionate lovers in real life.

  21. I make a gift list on Amazon and my husband picks things off of it for me. He's great in almost every way, but not at getting me gifts. So the list works really well.

  22. I like Starbucks because their creme frappachinos are basically fancy milkshakes. What do you suggest I do to get my fancy milkshakes outside of Starbucks?

  23. You can buy the bottled Starbucks frappachinos. The mocha ones are pretty good. They have them at grocery stores and Amazon.

  24. I don't think that she necessarily means it weight wise. I think she means it like huge. Like calling someone a big fat liar. They don't have to be fat.

  25. Great choices! I'm getting the same things except for category 4 (I chose the spoon rest).

  26. The unwanted piece. Everyone takes the pieces underneath it and puts it back. We only use the end pieces when we are out of all of the middle pieces. But those end pieces make nice grilled sandwiches.

  27. He must have heard about the fantastic continental breakfast..

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