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Father of victims of Larry Nassar, attempted to attack the former sports doctor during a sentencing

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  1. That's actually a very fair point that I hadn't considered. As awkward as it looks at first glance, it's probably the best and safest option.

  2. It's almost as if there was a lot of thought and planning put into this before millions of dollars were spent. Weird.

  3. Yeah but they weren't my thoughts and plans, therefore they're stupid and wrong (/s)

  4. I propose we change the name of any cat who is a delightful menace to Robert Evans.

  5. I keep seeing this picture bouncing around the internet. Is that really Ben Shapiro or is it a joke?

  6. Where are these buildings from? Never seen these before and I've been playing for 10 years...

  7. “Home of tomorrow”, I think I’ve only seen them twice. Missed out the first time so made sure to buy a bunch next time they popped up.

  8. Honestly yeah. It's annoying for anyone working a shift that gets out late or just night owls in general. If you wanna go out after 10pm here your best bet is a bar or to hit up a couple of popular areas around.

  9. The red room in Mad Hatter's is FULL of black mold. Wouldn't recommend going to that place if you value your health.

  10. Everyone's talking about bars and clubs here, but I miss going to Walmart after midnight to do my shopping in complete peace and quiet, especially being a night owl

  11. The absolute best times to shop at Walmart are on Sunday when a NASCAR race is on, and at 2am so you can see the crack heads.

  12. There was a time when people pretending to be monarchs in a commonwealth country were put on trial for treason or institutionalized. Someone should tell her that her new palace is named the Royal Ottawa and she need only to walk in and decree herself the Queen of Canada and show her to her thrown.

  13. I say we let Dr. Ewin Cameron help her out at the Allan Memorial Institute...

  14. Here's my plan. It's the same one I have had since I saw a French frigate in port in Portugal. We paint our ships with lead based paint. You have once a year mess decks training:

  15. I like to hope that Robert will find away to get all federal agencies to attack his compound at once and have them wipe each other out in the crossfire. Bureaucrats will fall upon bureaucrats and in the end, weirdly enough, only the Department of education will be the one left standing.

  16. Some divisions got boots from the boat while we were in drydock, submarine command.

  17. I had a buddy on an amphib who one morning was bored and just quietly stood outside the paint locker, which was locked and not marked as being the PL, and waited for his prey. Eventually a Marine came along and asked what he was doing. Said he was first in line for "boot issue". Marine lined up behind him. After a few more lined up, my friend said, "hold my spot, I gotta use the head" and just left the Marines standing there waiting for the paint locker to open for new boots.

  18. I took it as no more moving parts or issues with their financials going forward.

  19. Thank you. I invest, but I'm still green on some of the terms.

  20. Worst part about this is people thinks it's not still happening. No, you just haven't heard about it yet. So sad

  21. Provo Canyon School, et. al. "troubled teen" programs are extensions of MKULTRA in my opinion.

  22. They’ve looked like dog shit these past couple games. What the hell happened?

  23. Has anybody consulted Saddam Hussein and Saddam Hussein's Best Friend about this?

  24. They change the rope and choke standards to something more "friendly" for the Portly Pirates.

  25. Lol went to my portfolio today, just had 90 shares to keep my eye on, position = poof!

  26. Yeah 90 won't go very far. I had 40k before the reverse split. A buddy had about 500k. Bonkers.

  27. I truly do not see a scenario occurring in the next 5 years that legalizes here in PA. But I agree, FL is going to come after PA, whenever that will actually be.

  28. Florida resident here. Though our current Governor is an asshole and a Republican (in that order), he has also alluded to in the past that though he doesn't support, he'd also go with the "will of the people" if it went up for vote. We're a tourism based state, we have Trulieve, and a lot of retiring boomers with nothing but time and lungs.

  29. Is Crist likely to win the primary over Nikki Fried?

  30. I would probably say yes, because as we all know, actual policy means little when it comes to elections. The two biggest factors are the letter next to a candidates name, and their name recognition.

  31. There's a shop on 4th St I've been meaning to try. Pineapple Coffee or something like that. Has anybody been there?

  32. Pretty good but we got 2 coffees, an avocado toast, and a parfait and it was like $36. Weirdly expensive for what it was.

  33. What in the actual fuck. No thanks. I'll make my coffee at home.

  34. Worst case you just park on 1st on either side, and central is where all the good restaurants are lol

  35. Damn. Or you could support a new local business. This dude has saved up for years to open this. At least its creative and different.

  36. No it's not. I saw this concept over a decade ago in college in the midwest. The place was out of business in 6 months. Ain't nobody paying $12-16 for a potato.

  37. Buy Advion! Advion is the fucking death of roaches. I tried everything. Boric acid powder. Diatomaceous Earth. DIY traps. Bug bombs. Raid. Roach motels. Roach pills. Even a full fumigation tent doesn't work as well.

  38. One less stupid than you, at least. Theatrics, yo.

  39. Yes that's like calling me pro-criminal because I think that cops shouldn't be allowed to kill criminals on sight.

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