What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. Not relevant to the post but it is Lowkey discouraging as an actor to read through this thread and see most of the names are either British actors or actors that have been working since they were kids. It’s nearly impossible for 20 year old unestablished actors to make it big these days and it sucks.

  2. my sister and her husband went on a five minute long defense of elon musk and twitter when i brought it up. they have a tesla so i think they are a bit bias in his idiocy.

  3. Children's education, mental health, coping skills, and socialization. My wife is an elementary educator, and it's shocking how far kids regressed during the pandemic. By almost every measure, this generation of kids is in big trouble. I'm optimistic that the trend will right itself over time, but it's really sad to see.

  4. I tutor oncoming freshmen into college and boy, can you see those two years the pandemic happened. The regression didnt just hit elementary and middle but high school too. So many of them failed their entry level exams that their taking watered down courses just so they can attend the school by gpa standards. It destroyed so many with the reliance on tiktok that so many of them can barely form a thesis, let alone any essay, without us hand holding them through. It is incredibly sad, and a shift you can obvious see if compared to the sophomores above them.

  5. concert industry. I literally dropped 130 on tickets and 65 on a shirt. its actually a madhouse out here

  6. Just added it to my want to read on good reads cause of all these positive reviews

  7. As someone who’s been that person in the past, I would suggest gently letting her know how it’s effecting you, as she might not be aware. I feel like that would’ve helped me, but of course everyone is different. At least as something to try before just cutting her off.

  8. I appreciate that. Ill try to do that. I just worry shell react pretty extreme.

  9. I actually loved all the Namor stuff. It's hard to explain, but for me it felt like there was a certain kinnship or relatability between the Black African culture, and the Mayan culture. Which I think is what they were trying to go for. Especially with the how they were also subjected by the colonizers. That we basically had much more in common than there wasn't. I definitely felt something whenever the their music came on. It's honestly not that far-fetched to consider that way down our roots are connected since it's speculated that some Africans did navigate the Atlantic far before the colonizers did and landed in south America.

  10. Bro as a white person, every time bilbo and seinfield were on screen I got annoyed. I was so done with their portion and it always took me out of the action. Too many white people and there were like 5.

  11. Good reads reviews have never failed me. I was interested in Bones and All and read the reviews, all saying that it was kind of flat and empty at times. I still read it, and yeah the reviews were spot on, but I still enjoyed it. So honestly, fuck anybody elses book review and read what looks good. If it sucks, it sucks. If it wins, it wins.

  12. Just do your best to focus on what you can control, and take a lesson from this. A big part of auditioning is learning how to treat it like a numbers game and ride those highs and lows in a constructive fashion so you don't let them get to you.

  13. that was really helpful and Ill try to keep it in mind. I just feels so defeated by myself. Sorry about your amazon series dude.

  14. They want to bribe you and they choose chips and salsa to do so? Dude break out chick fil a or cupcakes if you want any success at bribery.

  15. It would end in a tie between florida and texas, the ultimate insane states. (Source: has lived in texas all my life).

  16. Ice cream. You think I’m kidding but I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.

  17. You might not make it big- being an “iconic” celebrity actor- but there are many positions in theater and small movies and shows that need work. I think nepotism really only takes up big movie roles which can feel daunting but doesn’t speak for the whole industry. Connections are far more important than anything else I think.

  18. One of my professors told us the best advice he ever got was to Backpack across Europe in his 20s. He followed that up by saying that now, don’t even think about it if you don’t have a death wish.

  19. Seven years? Wild dude. I remember the day after Glenn got beat to death with that bat, everyone at school coming up to me and saying rip glenn. I was a sophmore and now I am a senior in college. Time flies when Glenn dies.

  20. It’s small but if you’ve seen the haunting of hill house on Netflix, when nel jumps out from the back seat and screams, literally almost had a heart attack the first time.

  21. The last of us will always, ALWAYS, take this spot for me

  22. Larys is gonna need chaos to be an escalator

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