1. They use these heavy chains to help the dog build muscle mass & strength, not to chain them up

  2. It used to be done with elephants in circuses way back. When they were young, huge chains were put on them. Then, as they got older the chain was changed but the elephant still thought they couldn't move.

  3. Thought that was a before and after he decided on a light snack. Took me to realize the second photo was after the repair. Totally an awesome repair job. I do some repairs like on seems on blankets and cloths and I always get excited when it is unnoticeable at first glance. If I ever did that good of a job I think I'd O on the spot

  4. Awe thanks! The fabric was pretty forgiving since there are a lot of shades running through it. There are a few rough spots that I am going to work on tonight to see if I can make them a little better…

  5. That's not hungry, it's anxiety...good luck, tough future ahead, be a firm but fair owner.

  6. Yep pretty sure you are correct there and being bored/frustrated… she is normally included in a hike on Sunday. That we got brunch instead and left without her didn’t sit well. She made her own fun…

  7. I always wanted to be spiderman. I would wear my spiderman phs under my clothes go school and "change" into him just like he did. I would run at walls and try to stick to them.

  8. Yes it is a myth; the sun puts out so much more blue light than you could ever expect to receive from a piece of tech. If you had devices you were on, 10 hours of screen time = 1 hour of being outside in terms of blue light.

  9. Exactly. I think the funny part is I agree that the way we teach math needs to change, but I don’t think they are correct that math classes need tossed out the window.

  10. I don't know what school you went to, but I was actually taught how all of those mathematics work. I was taught that multiplication can be written and explained, and demonstrated as X number of groups of X amount of items/objects/whatever. I was taught that division is X number of whatever broken down into X number of groups. When I learned trait in high school, I was taught exactly what the information could be used for as well, as what the formulas were, and when I was taught algebra, in junior high, I was taught, the application of each of the formulas that I had to memorize.

  11. Nice! Be glad your school actually did that mine did not. I attended a local public school. Once I figured it out though, math became my best subject… I just had to figure out how to teach myself.

  12. When should I send it though? It's 4am and my shift is at 4:30pm. I don't want to wake him up texting him now, but I might not wake up until like 3:30 either

  13. You can actually send out texts at certain times on your phone it just requires a few steps to set it up. Android you can schedule text messages on an Android using Google Messages or Samsung Messages. To schedule a text message on an iPhone, you'll need a third-party app, like the Scheduled App.

  14. I'm a woman and i agree with previous redditors. I would say not to propose. What is she going to expect for every occasion she thinks of ? Birthday, anniversary, mother's day, valentines day? Trips ?

  15. Woman here also… I would tell her if it is over the certain amount you want to spend she has to pay the difference or you aren’t going to propose. She sounds entitled which makes for a bad partner imo. That is likely to lead to a frustrating marriage in general. She needs to grow up. Imagine what she will expect the wedding to be like after the ring…

  16. It’s just the mindset of “if it’s in the same country as us, it must be close”. Works fine in Europe, but in the US you’d do better sticking with locations that are in your state, and even that’s stretching it

  17. Here is a map of Europe overlaid/on top of the US. I figure if someone is ever trying to explain the size it could help.

  18. Oh thank god I wasn’t the only one LMAO I was like “what did the fisherman ever do to you??”

  19. Lol I used to watch porn on a VM because I thought all porn sites were riddled with viruses.

  20. Me trying to get out of bed to piss in the morning.

  21. I thought all women knew this one! Suuuch a good trick!

  22. Lol yep, you cannot survive as a woman without knowing this trick. The other bit is use cold water when rinsing it as it might need a second round sometimes. Hot water will set the stain in…

  23. A creep does weird shit that makes you feel uneasy. Examples: spying on you or giving you a vibe they might be touching themselves under the table when you have 0 romantic interest in them.

  24. My thoughts exactly, that would be the last time I visit. I am not walking around in that…

  25. I think he was mad cause he sent a dick pic and instead of complimenting his dick, I complimented his feet....

  26. Lol if it was unsolicited, my go to was to send a dick pic back when I was in college (33F and no I don’t actually have a member nor have I ever had one). It always made for an interesting conversation or radio silence. (“You mean we aren’t just sending dick pics back and forth, my bad.”)

  27. Yikes yikes yikes, imagine how many of these creatures get needles lodged in their throat… poor camels.

  28. Their bodies actually have an answer to this too, it's in the way that they rotate the cactus in their mouth while they chew. Gets all the spines to line up and slide down easy.

  29. Funny, it does seem it happens too often to be a coincidence. That there is a group of kids forced to live in a dungeon has also always been concerning to me too…

  30. I started my period between ages 10 and 11 and others started before me even. You could always go on a drive where she cannot escape and have the talk. Good luck!

  31. Both the words and the things. I doubt faces and palms were created by men, not sure about the words though.

  32. Hah, good point good point, but there is at least a little contribution dna wise…

  33. Wow! If I can give any advice, be careful on that turn and don’t stop for anyone needing help near you! Call an emergency number as you pass, but don’t stop.

  34. Awe now grapes can heart me as much as I heart them!

  35. Hah I thought something similar, I didn’t realize the pupils could be so small. One day I am going to convince my husband to let me get a kitty for us… I even suggested it today to him.

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