1. I had almost forgotten about this until I saw the story in a newsletter this morning. If this were a car versus car, there wouldn't be nearly the same level of consequences. In many ways, it feels like – and rightfully so – aviation has stronger protections than other areas. Being federally regulated is probably helpful in that regard. Thoughts? IMHO, better late than never.

  2. From the nautical side, seaplanes are vessels limited in their ability to maneuver. Higher than most anything on the rules of the road. This is nautical equal to hitting a stopped school bus.

  3. Is that only while during takeoff/landing? I can't imagine a seaplane has the same advance and transfer as a ship laying cable.

  4. It's worse more than likely, an air rudder doesn't move a vessel as well as a water rudder, with the water from the screw going over it.

  5. What CG guy doesn't say is that most bases are too small for food service. At the base I did an internship at, the barracks was literally a double wide trailer, in a neighborhood that an E-2 would have a hard time buying groceries and required a car from at least half the crew, on NYS insurance $$$. If you're on a big cutter, the QoL is closer to Navy, but the small bases can be either being a king or pauper depending on location

  6. There's some really fun ones on the Oregon coast where the neighboring town is an old fishing village that's mostly just summer homes for people from Portland

  7. Substitute with NYC weekenders and you have it

  8. So, parts wise yes this is a disaster, but I am assuming that the Abrams and Leo 2's all are using the Rh-120 L/44 so at least ordnance isn't an issue.

  9. Challenger uses two piece ammo, and has a rifled barrel. Leo and Abrams use one piece and have smooth bores.

  10. So. 1 company of tanks that needs special ammo. That's not going to be useful

  11. I mean, I have a lot of FUN in Air AB if I put all my P-38s in one lineup, Mustangs in another, and so on.

  12. I want a full team fortress movie. Or half life.

  13. You know you lost, regardless of the outcome, correct?

  14. That magic snail bullshit happened to me on my stock M19, i killed a tiger and a panther frontally lol

  15. In Arcade I know I've gotten Assists with my M19 firing APIT. All I was doing was hoping to get track damage to slow them down.

  16. In NY age of consent is 16. However, what does a 40 year old even have in common with a 17 year old? Optically it looks wrong, and pretty soon Leonardo DiCaprio is going to look equally wrong

  17. Go to Poughkeepsie get on the Rail Trail and you can go as far as you want each direction. Its flat paved and wide. Can go as far as you want. Great views once you get out of the city. Parking lots at a lot of road junctions.

  18. What is your view on knocking boots with customers? Current or Former?

  19. As a regular who’s had a cca crush on him my advice is hell fucking no. Find a coworker to slap you, hard. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, and because we’re a union shop you’ll never be rid of them.

  20. Man there is a whole segment of the population out there that just blatantly parks in places they are obviously not allowed to park in and then when confronted about it, FLIPS OUT ON YOU like you're the one in the wrong here. It is fucking INSANE. My family owns a building with our store on the first floor and our apartment above. We have about 8 signs out front that say not to park in front of the store. People routinely park there. One time I came home and a lady is sideways in our lot taking up 3 spots. I looked at her and shook my head. She rolled down her window and yelled "HEY DONT SHAKE YOUR HEAD AT ME!" That just made me shake it even more at her and she got soooo pissed lmao. I was just like lady you're obviously in the wrong here fuck off.

  21. I live in a "small city" its about 30k people. We have alternate side parking, because most of the streets are 3 cars wide. You can move your car at 8 AM to the other side and it has to be moved by 9 AM. Every morning as I am on the way to work, we are doing the oncoming traffic tango as the streets have enough off-side parkers to be difficult to drive across town.

  22. Imagine waking up one day, answering your voicemail, and learning your car has been towed to El Salvador

  23. I mean, just getting to an impound lot in Jersey from New York might be too far for most people.

  24. Research longbows. Teach natives how to use them. Effective range of an old school longbow was the same, if not greater than that of a Brown Bess, and the volume of fire lets you cover your advancing pikemen with the longbows.

  25. INFO: Where. If rural village its got Skynyrd and the Allmans.

  26. Northside neighborhood of Chicago. Primarily single family homes and decent amount of little libraries.

  27. I thought it was North Jersey hence the Bon Jovi. But there are villages in upstate NY that are farm commuinites that also have houses like this. And my burby city also is like this.

  28. Static displays no, but you can buy parts off of eBay. I've seen a F-4 Phantom nose and ejection seats. You can build one if you want to waste time and millions of dollars

  29. And I know what Iran is doing in their spare time. Any F-14 on display is essentially a completely empty airframe.

  30. I just started a rewatch of ENT while waiting for PIC3 to start. Motherfracker. I cannot deal with that. its so...disjointing from every other ST theme.

  31. Mate i am a newbie here and i don't know who else to ask so here goes...

  32. Typically tanks were protected in the front from their own weapons. 57mm Pz3 vs 75/76mm M4 becomes an issue

  33. Probably no to everything but getting 80% VA rate

  34. nah i just find it concerning the army cant get a system figured out in over a month

  35. OK, my wife works for the US Postal Service. Their system, since going online, to bid a route in the office has gone from a 1 week time to 3 months to determine who is the most senior carrier to get the bid.

  36. Surprisingly, at SFAS, that's not the answer to say out loud. We had guys get dropped in their psychological evaluation for saying that.

  37. “wHaT nO tHeY aReNt” lmfao bro I literally just got out the meeting about it 30 minutes ago lmfao Headquarters Marine Corps is talking about equipping grunts with pistols and why the current 3/6 incident is putting a pause to it now.

  38. Not in the Marine Corps. Most of the Marine stuff I know is from Reddit and Terminal Lance.

  39. “nOt iN tHe MaRinE cOrPs” again, I just got out of the meeting about it. Everyone in my company has to be pistol qual’d by deployment next year.

  40. I meant more, Not the Marine Corps losing weapons again, sorry. I understand that most guys deploy without bayonets and knives to prevent loss as well

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