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  1. Can branch into: Life insurance. Injury management consultant. Occupational rehab. Work health & safety. Medical equipment sales. Ergonomics. Disability, aged care or public sector health management positions. Academia e.g. lecturer/course coordinator etc, to name a few. And then a myriad of other less related positions in various organisations who would benefit from a person having worked in healthcare e.g. IT healthcare related roles.

  2. But isn't that approach ignoring muscle health, not looking at adhesions or muscle strength imbalances, poorly healed previous injuries? I just don't get how those little micro arthrokinematic movements translates to a conversation with the nervous system that calms everything down and is just as good as massage? You said in your opinion but that sort of strikes at the heart of this discussion which is that your opinion isn't as valid as the research which suggests that on average arthrokinematic glides don't help really.

  3. I’ve just graduated recently and I went through a very similar stage/mindset that you’re going through. Extremely similar. I almost dropped out at end of second year and was going to enrol in computer science.

  4. Interesting experience thank you for that response. I guess at the root of my concern is that when I graduate I won’t be able to help my patients as much as I thought I would. That may be an irrational fear since it sounds like you went through something similar. Yes I definitely need to keep gathering experiencing and information to become a competent physio. Would you say your opinion on “evidence based practice” as it relates to physio has changed since you were in 2nd year?

  5. I accepted that there’s a good reason why EBP consists of not just research studies, but also your personal clinical experience and the experiences of other senior mentors etc. Having said that, I’m still of the mind that when you can, you should use the most research/backed approaches as a general rule, but flexibility with that rule is often required as research is not conclusive in many circumstances, or does not relate specifically enough to the presentation in front of you.

  6. Supply and demand. Lots of young people want to work with pro sports athletes and within sporting populations, and there isn’t many proper careers in that area. Also the fitness boom in general. It’s much cooler to workout and do fitness stuff these days than in the past, which attracts many young people. In Australia I’ve noticed many new degrees for Physiotherapy popping up all over the place recently, which may decrease the entry requirements, here at least. We’ll see how it pans out though.

  7. Holy shit... you’ve just made me realise, that in the future during internal-ship space battles, if you’re disarmed, the only useful fighting style will be dirty jiu jitsu (jiu jitsu + eye pokes, groin squeezes etc) haha. Wont be able to use strikes properly because it’ll be too hard to generate much force if there’s no gravity/no base to push off of, and even if you did push off of a surface low gravity would slow your striking velocity

  8. What is the song that starts at the end of this clip? I wanna listen to the whole thing, sounds cool

  9. i’m pretty sure venom is useful for WW Sins but it’s been a while since i’ve made one (pre D2R)

  10. Useful yes. But what they mainly use is open wounds and either lots of physical damage or just stack heavily into traps and then do multiple different sources of damage. Venom itself is pretty weak

  11. Nothing really divisive here. I've played nearly 3k hours of Tarkov, I loved the game back in the day, but DxD is just better in every conceivably way for me personally. The gameplay loop is more enjoyable, making loadouts is much faster, PVE feels balanced, the PVP is frustrating but fun (especially since I primarily solo), it's just...better.

  12. While I agree this game is awesome and I can’t wait for it to come out. Once you’ve put 3000 hours into it you might feel like you want to play something else too. Lol

  13. The one on your required/recommended reading list at uni. It’ll be the most relevant to the class

  14. Nah mate she can have it. I dont need it and wish her all the best. She wants everything I built and full custody of the kids she may have it.

  15. If your kids are young they won’t understand. All they’ll see is that dad left and isn’t in their lives anymore. And your wife will probably be happy about it, possibly even talking badly about you regularly to them, which will further shape their negative view of you. You’ve gotta at least see them every second weekend or something, so they know who you really are, instead of just memories of you leaving and stories from their mother.

  16. Fair enough dude, all the best. If you suspect the kids are in danger though, call child protective services for sure.

  17. Isn’t that odd. You can do a Bachelors plus a DPT to become a physical therapist with a doctorate in the US. Or you can do a 5 year Bachelors program to become a dietician in Canada. These program durations are so inconsistent lol

  18. You need 40% ias on your main claw so these would need to be used in offhand, same as plague does, but I guess these might be better than plague if you have -15% req +all resist jewel x2 in it

  19. The requirement makes it less valuable, but I guess you could put lower requirements+XYZ mod jewels in it, and use as offhand claw for +5 skills + stats.

  20. These charms can have up to 25 life and keep the level 23 requirement. Based on recent Traderie sales you can get 1x Lo to 1x Ber for yours.

  21. Traderie is very inaccurate for uncommonly traded items like this. You kinda have to use jsp to get an accurate understanding of the value. And you should be looking at NL

  22. Purely looking for other people's personal experiences.

  23. You’ve come to a health profession subreddit and asked a medical related question about your medical condition. It’s clearly asking for medical advice ...

  24. Apologies. Thought this would also include anecdotal advice.

  25. I’ll explain it more clearly so you can understand.

  26. Not an app, but is useful and free.

  27. Everyone is already leveled up and playing in hell. And in ladder everyone would have stopped playing and now are waiting for the new ladder to start in like 1-2 weeks, after a 4-month long season.

  28. Hardcore is great, but already beaten Hell on it twice in coop so we want something new!

  29. As another person said PvP is a good way to make the game harder. You’ll find you get wrecked by people will gear that you didn’t even know existed, and this can drive you to get some better gear and improve your skills, but outside of pvp I enjoyed playing the D2 mod called Project Diablo 2. It’s a very popular one and it has a mapping system, way better class and skill balancing and way more useful items. There’s also bosses that are extremely challenging to beat, and there’s a lot of active players.

  30. Yeah you can make 100k as a disability support worker fairly easily if you’re willing to work evenings and weekends, as an example

  31. That’s amazing money and no doubt the work would be rewarding

  32. Yeah it is, I enjoyed it while I did it, and it was probably the lowest stress job I’ve had too.

  33. ES sorc, res doesn’t matter (except poison). So could be useful for that perhaps? It’s got mana on it too

  34. Because you're of the mindset of the modern gamer, based on this reaction. Things need to be OP AF in order to cap the attention. I agree completely that this is how they should divide their dev time for D4 stuff. But the target group that plays D2R is a very different (much older) group of people. Most players like the ladder race as is and would rather see some variety than new Grief, BotD, Enigma etc. The early race from normal to hell and beyond is part of the experience and filling up some holes in the gearing process and having something to use runes for that don't make a runeword now is a good idea to smoothen that experience.

  35. You do realise there’s a place that’s in between ‘borderline useful’ and ‘overpowered as fk’, right?

  36. There really isn’t. At least, I can’t think of any popular and highly played online games that are renowned for their amazing balance changes.

  37. Single targets spells need cleave or there needs to be a curse or aura that causes melee attacks to splash nearby.

  38. Definitely. Or even something like adding that runeword that coooley advertised which gives 50% chance for a melee hit to cast corpse explosion.

  39. That would be frustrating in multiplayer for some builds but it would help clear without breaking the game. Corpse explosion doesn't scale with player count. It would still be too strong unless it was like level 1 CE? I guess if it's only blowing up like what is right on top of you it's fine.

  40. Yeah could make it level 1 CE for sure

  41. This is why BJJ guys need good striking too.

  42. His takedown attempts didn’t look very good either, I don’t think it’s just a lack of striking (although it’s probably that too) but also a lack of good takedown transitions, even from shitty striking. E.g. even when Khabib had pretty low level striking, he would still get almost all of his takedowns

  43. Except they are not, the only build jmod can be decent for is javazon and SS/spirit are still much more useful

  44. Nope, JMod is better against many matchups because you can reach max block with less dexterity which means you can stack more vitality. SS is good too but high level players usually prefer the extra damage boost from JMod with 4 lightning facets.

  45. Every matchup where block is required, DR is required too, and SS just shit on jmod for days, and in those matchup javazon will require heavy physical dam to even compete, the lightning damage is just way too weak once tgod is on the field. "Jmod is godlike in pvp" is just another myth ppl telling you to increase the market value of a jmod

  46. I’m not listening to randoms, I’m watching the pvp tournaments, and JMod is a common item that’s used in certain matchups, when playing a zon

  47. You’ve convinced me. No longer do I believe Islam will pummel Volks bones into a fine meal - No! - Volk has strong bones from being a fatty boy decades ago and he will survive the thousands of pounds of force Islam exerts on people. This is the key - Volks strong bones will make him champ champ and bone champ.

  48. You’ve clearly missed the part where I’ve explained that I think Islam will win.

  49. without a doubt the most fun part of d2 is the initial rush, fresh economy, and having to make do with whatever you find in a new ladder. that's why most people look forward to reset. sunders ruined this part of d2 because you can just farm everywhere literally on day 1. items are farmed much quicker and ladder is dead after a week. i wish they would remove sunders. if they really want to fix the immunity "problem" then they could just lower the cold/fire resists of monsters so that infinity would be able to break the immunes.

  50. The thing is, is that yes you can farm any area at the start of a ladder, but you will suck at it until you're geared, because you need -% res to actually do anything to immune enemies. Since they will be 95% resistant, which is almost immune.. Making it not even worth killing them. But with blizzard sorc and cold mastery, they will be -100% resistance....... making them easy to kill, which is why cold mastery is so broken OP with sunder charm.

  51. No I think it's a f**king stupid update, idk why you thought I was saying otherwise. I was pointing out there's only been ONE powercreep update. And it was unhelpful and pointless. But the problem isn't buffing things, the problem is buffing the things that are already too strong, and leaving the other things like melee, weak.

  52. Someone explain to me why 4os non eth swords and 5os non eth axes are viable pls

  53. The 5os non eth axes would be useful for Beast. Not sure about the swords though..

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