1. I just had the same problem. 5/5 premier FML

  2. My wife and I were on a walk yesterday evening and someone driving by full-on screamed at us. Hasn't happened to me since I was a kid in my hometown. Not a great sensation.

  3. Same thing happened to me and a buddy of mine in Worcester. Kids poked their head out the window and screamed bloody murder. Did this happen to you actually in Boston?

  4. I live in the 'burbs in Canton. We were walking on the sidewalk nearish the high school. They came from behind us, so maybe they thought we were younger.

  5. Underrated wings are Brickhouse pizza in Brighton, right next to St. Elizabeths. Homemade Buffalo sauce is out of this world. I was on the “buffs pub is the best wing spot in the Boston area” train until I tried these. Haven’t had wings that have lived up since moving here

  6. Brickhouse calzones are the best in Boston AFAIK!

  7. Cat Dog has always kinda creeped me out. How do they shit?

  8. Looks like these are all sold out except for a couple of those table seats on certain nights. Bummer.

  9. They are adding another 11 shows at noon today

  10. this is how game of thrones should have ended

  11. I really like Brick House Pizzeria's calzones in brighton

  12. The damage is already done IMO 🤷‍♂️

  13. Well no, those people at the party could go on to infect more people later. Get those people documented so it's easier to contact trace later.

  14. I don't think that's how the contact tracing works. I don't believe we "pre-document" people.

  15. I hope to god that it's cancelled, man. Every time a player opts out I'm a little relieved, because we're one opt out closer to the league taking the blinders off.

  16. Glad to see this is a prevailing opinion on the Pats reddit. There can't be an NFL season this year.

  17. Thanks bgregz - this is a great visualization. What region are you in?

  18. First sub-100 case increase since March 20th. We've come a long way.

  19. 1.3% positive testing rate! PARTY TIME! (responsibly with masks)

  20. Where a mask where you would be embarrassed to be seen in your underwear

  21. It makes me question what is basically the arbitrary allegiance that is sport fandom. What exactly am I loyal to? The players certainly, but look how they get treated. The city I was born in? No they moved. The owners? Hahahaha. The logo? I guess that's the thing? Idk man.

  22. Don't think too hard. Consume products.

  23. Great idea! Sounds fun. I'm picture a moment where the werewolf casts a shroud of darkness and he is able to tell where the players are by scent alone. Meanwhile the players can't see anything, though they do hear sniffing.

  24. I'm struggling to think of what the players could use to find the werewolf, barring any special class based stuff. Does shroud of darkness drown out all light near the caster? Would a Defy Danger (WIS/INT) be appropriate?

  25. That seems reasonable to me. I would leave it open to the players to figure out though. I would expect some fancy class stuff.

  26. $700 is pretty really cheap, too. I've heard of them going as high as $3000 for longer distance things or having no insurance, etc.

  27. My friend got an ambulance ride in boston. Les than a mile. $5000.

  28. "Goeler says the beer brand will change out the beer every month, if necessary, to make sure the product stays fresh."

  29. Drive that rotary every day... Not sure why people complicate it so much... Although like I said, I drive it every day so maybe that's why

  30. Yeah, it's certainly not as bad as it looks!

  31. noob question here. Im trying to move move eth from binance to kucoin. its charging me .01 eth to move it. how would i go about paying the fee with the bnb i have? btw i have .9 bnb rn, which should pay for the fee when reduced by the 50% right?

  32. withdrawal / deposit fees are different and are paid with the coin being transferred

  33. Gonna get downvoted for this but I think the Pats should have traded away Brady and not Garoppolo. Brady will be done in the next few years, Garoppolo will still be on top of his game for at least the next 10 or 15.

  34. I imagine there is a sleeper in the next draft class that the patriots are hot on

  35. Usually something like a big football match at half time when the country simultaneously makes a cuppa

  36. I've been curious about this- Do most people drink beer at home during the big games? Are people alternating between beer and tea?

  37. Did you have an idea of what the resolution to Chunt's curse was going into the episode? Or were you truly blindsided by it?

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