1. Literally the only time unbreakable walls is op is on that stupid showdown map that sprout can box himself in on.

  2. Yeah fuck this company and every decision they have made in the last 6 months. They don't even care that the customers r giving shitty feedback about it all either.

  3. Becareful you might set off the snowflakes who still defend them no matter what

  4. Loyalty is fine, but if they actually cared they would try to help the compamy

  5. Scrub club is the biggest joke ever. Just a bunch of dudes who have no power in there life so feel like power tripping on a facebook page. Most toxic part of this company really sad tbh

  6. This must be CA just like every other good find ever posted in this sub

  7. All ima say is i played with randoms, zero losses. But i hard fucking carried with stu every single game. 😩

  8. Stu extremely underated if u know how to play him in BB. Literally never found any1 playing him the entire challenge but me...odd

  9. Glad u have god tier fucking luck with hypersin. Double cast first bounty on the same die and you hit it with a 25% with ass pure luck

  10. Smuggler Penny is and will be the correct answer till the end of time unless for some reason she comes back.

  11. Jet ski Jacky is way rarer. I feel like everyone got smuggler penny, but both of those skins are just gonna keep getting more rare

  12. Yeah idk exact numbers just know smuggler penny was before jackie. But hey I got 8 bit saloon jet ski jacky and smuggler penny so im not trippin regardless of which is rarer.

  13. That specific russell's is my least favorite bourbon ive ever had. McKenna is so fucking hit or miss you cant measure it. ER is always a great one, but a great McKenna 10 probably beats it out.

  14. I said that specific russells. There are multiple RR10s. Also we all have different taste lmao

  15. If only I could have found even just 1 in over a year of searching😔 my favorite and cant even find that shit

  16. It’s funny how the bourbon world works. There’s so many things I can’t find but the grocery store right down the street from me always has this in stock for $39.99.

  17. Unfortunately Mr.P is pretty doodoo rn. Gotta have a great team and good maps.

  18. Target does this even if there is literally 0 of them left just putting that out there. Pretty fucking annoying

  19. If its above 140 hard pass for me. Its good but rendezvous is 55 near me and I can add a port barrel finish and its really similar since well the only diference is the port barrel finish lol🤫

  20. Tom ford or fragrances in general? Because that can’t be the case surely lol

  21. Tf lol. Theres some bangers but most are meh. And some bangers last sub 30 mins such as oud wood.

  22. Hat to break it to you, but you're going noseblind. Maybe you're using too much or you're using it too frequently.

  23. Nose blind lol(im talking asking people spraying a card ect.)its a well known fact that oud wood doesnt last for shit but tf warriors such as your self downvote and try to hide anyone who calls it out. I also clearly state some actually last for example tuscan leather

  24. A thrower that is super easy to avoid. Vs before a thrower that became literally useless when walls are gone.

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