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  1. I think you didn't do something right. Maybe look at the instructions again.

  2. More for me then lol. I honestly rather eat balut than fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs, even if those were made with duck eggs, which I like way more than chicken eggs.

  3. Duck eggs stink like shit. To be fair, I bought them (a dozen) once, at a farmer's market in Colorado, from the same place I've had the best chicken eggs I've ever had. They were very rich, but fuck, the smell was too much.

  4. Pro-tip: detach the right arm and shoulder armor, then re-install them with the shoulder armor upside down. This will allow you to do the Final Shooting pose correctly, with a bit of a limitation to articulation.

  5. Used to have one that lived on my howitzer. Fucker scared me big time first time I discovered it. After that, I learned to knock on a certain part of the gun, then it'd scramble off for a bit until I finished my work.

  6. I learned young (army young, it's relative) that when a colonel or higher starts speechifying you'd best just shut up. Don't ask no questions, especially if'n he wants 'em.

  7. A paperclip, that has had one side extended, heated by a common lighter does very decent slashing damage.

  8. I'd appreciate an explanation of how it works

  9. wasp lay eggs inside the horn worm. They then eat it from the inside out. These are not the mind control kind of parasites. You can usually tell a worm has been parasitized by rows of white sacks (cocoons) on their back, though that is a little later in the wasps development.

  10. I must've misunderstood. I believed that the wasp laid eggs in this caterpillar that released chemicals/hormones to delay it's metamorphosis and make it eat more and more, there by growing huge, while the wasp eggs were developing.

  11. Same. I've got the VN and BS on standby waiting for this kit.

  12. The P-Bandai add-on consisting of the Vibrating Nails (VN) and the Beam Smartgun (BS), it reproduces the first iteration of Banshee the way Marida Cruz (best girl ever) piloted it, not the Norn version.

  13. It's only a month. Park the fucker unless you need the income.

  14. Pro-tip: when you attach the right arm, put the shoulder armor on upside down. When you do the Final Shooting pose, it'll be right side up like it's supposed to be

  15. Made a salad dressing with fatali and papayas before. I never thought I'd get murdered by a salad, but it happened. I couldn't finish it.

  16. God forbid you actually help your guys survive without some asshat throwing a hissy fit then twisting shit to make themselves look better

  17. I have been waiting to have some stupid entitled cunt tell me their taxes pay my salary just so I can point out that my taxes pay my salary too.

  18. The detail of the engines on the flight pack are better than the PG Strike's. This kit is one of my favorites as well.

  19. Literally just expanding foam that solidifies quickly, like what is used to insulate houses IRL in some countries

  20. Backed up by "Boy, I'll put a flash behind your head"

  21. You put more thought into it than I did. I found out the hard way.

  22. The pupper was my partner by the end of it. Fuck humans, make friends with dogs.

  23. Put a silk stocking on the end of a vacuum hose

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