1. i know everywhere i go there’ll be some people that don’t like me but i’m happy to hear it’s much better than texas! everyone is making tacoma sound like the closest thing to perfect.

  2. Well, it has a lot of decaying buildings, which is sort of a Goth aesthetic, along with a very nice, mostly gloomy climate. It is very progressive and has a lot of real neighborhoods, so you can pick the style of place within Tacoma you want to live. It's short on pretension, which I like.

  3. the clean bathroom... holy shit. First day back go into the bathroom and immediately hit with the stench of anothers waste... was NOT ready for that.

  4. Go to Taos, to the Taos Museum of Art at Fechin House. The house itself is a work of art. The Harwood is also lovely, and there are tons of galleries there, too.

  5. I marvel at the patience Black people have had with this country.

  6. "How can we win?" I recognized the name. Shit had me trembling the first time.

  7. I am a w/w and am trying. I'm reading, studying, listening, donating, volunteering and speaking up in my spaces. It will never be enough, I know. You're right though - most white people won't even lift a finger. It's like they hear me talking in a Charlie Brown Special adult voice.

  8. Ah, that sounds so cool! Definitely adding it to the list of little adventures. I think I'll probably appreciate them more after seeing some variety. It's been pretty easy to take them for granted as just big and sticky in landscaping settings. Thank you!

  9. They have a nice mix of other plants, too, so there is usually something blooming. In early June, they have a field of blue Himalayan poppies blooming that makes it worth a visit then. It's surreal.

  10. Apparently they are fiendishly difficult to grow, but I hope it works for you!

  11. My concern with GMO has nothing to do with science and everything to do with handing the means of all food production to an American monopoly corp like Monsanto

  12. There are some scary scenarios involving seed patents.

  13. Almost all lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, make up, and styling products have some kind of scent. Unless you are going to ban scented antiperspirant, who the fuck gets to determine what’s acceptable? I can’t believe all these assholes giving perfume advice. OP, wear what you like, report your shitty coworker to HR, and if she comes at you again loudly tell her she smells like a dirty ashtray and to get the hell away from you.

  14. Here's the thing: some people are physically sensitive to perfumes. I use all unscented products myself, but at least in lotions, makeups, antiperspirants etc the scent is somewhat diluted. Perfume is undiluted scent.

  15. I totally get and respect that; my mom is the same way about strong fragrances. But just as many people have a sensitivity to the smell of cigarettes. So for OP’s coworker to scream about how perfume affects her negatively, when her cigarette smells likely affect other people in the office, is pretty hypocritical.

  16. Oh, yeah, her co-worker is a bitch from hell, for sure. She behaved badly.

  17. They believe that women should have the right to decide what happens to their own body.

  18. She won't be smiling when he comes to pick her up and 17 of his friends are in the car.

  19. Expensive in a store maybe. Probably hard to cultivate because the birds love them so much

  20. Exactly. Hard to harvest, incredibly brief shelf life. I have seen them at Farmers Market for $10 per small basket.

  21. They're not rare growing, lots of people have them (though many are chosen to be fruitless because of the mess). They're rare commercially because they are hard to harvest and are so delicate.

  22. Here's an article by Randall Palmer about the same issue. I'm assuming the podcast talks to him as part of the conversation.

  23. This is the part I don't get. It feels like I, as a parent of a girl, am going to end up in some weird relationship where I am responsible for protecting her from any men who might come sniffing around until I can find a reasonable suiter to set her up in an arranged marriage.

  24. Here's a great podcast about how it happened. It was because they wanted an issue to organize white Christian voters around, and they didn't want to talk about racism out loud:

  25. It's not about abortion rights, it's about a weird perceived victory against the "woke left" they are not fond of.

  26. I agree that we are all pawns because we can be led to vote a certain way over this one issue. That's why it will never be solved legislatively.

  27. I waited my whole life. I think he might have been proud of me at times, but he never told me.

  28. I'm sorry he is being a jerk to you. You can choose your life path, the one you want, not one in reaction to him.

  29. I feel like the group from my church gets a good reception, but if anyone is negative we do not confront or anything, because we do understand the pain that some religious groups put people through. But I've had people come up and say positive things in the after parade hanging around and dancing stuff, how it made them happy, and people cheering when we walked by. Our pastors are lesbians, and the kid pastor is a gay man, but we have a whole LGBTQA+ congregation, and of course a bunch of us love to go and support the people we care about.

  30. Oh, good! I signed up to work our church booth at Pride here next month. I want to show people they can be part of a church family that is fully accepting, doesn't want them to change, and supports them living full, happy lives.

  31. Ive tried doing that, i dont fluently speak the language here so ive been learning that so I can do something and be a part of society so hopefully soon!

  32. Good for you! Volunteer work would be a great place to practice your language skills because people tend to be kinder and more willing to slow down. They don't want to lose a good volunteer by being mean to them!

  33. Cus it implies there's always going to be a chance that your relationship or life doesn't work out the way you want it to. And it's usually for sad reasons. So the fact that we need to have this plan and not just live, laugh love, all day, makes it unfortunate.

  34. An overly romantic view of life is sadder, IMO. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Not being aware of that puts you at risk.

  35. They just want to make sure it wasn't 6 months ago or you can't remember.

  36. So by your definition, these are people who are too irresponsible to practice birth control. But they're responsible enough to have healthy pregnancy and parenthood forced upon them?

  37. They do not have to raise the child (foster care) I will say foster care is terrible and I have no idea how to make it better but I believe everyone should have the chance to live. And if you have a family and don’t want kids than it is on the parents to get a vasectomy or tubes tied. If they don’t then they should VERY WELL know what can happen with sex. And yes a very minimal percentage of pregnancies occur due to contraception failure. Tbh that’s fuckin life, I was actually born through a failed condom and spermicide was used according to my parents and I’m happy as hell to be alive. Shit happens you gotta deal with it as shitty as that sounds. I mentioned in a reply earlier that I failed to give the information that I support abortion if it’s before 14 weeks but I would much rather it be sooner than that. Around 6-7 weeks or sooner would be my ideal point for people as the baby is just then developing it’s brain and I know it sometimes takes girls by surprise that they are pregnant and ample time is needed to plan

  38. Foster care? Most places have a lack of foster parents already. They're forced to use people who are barely qualified or who may even be evil.


  40. Big pickup truck, gun, confederate flag and 3 Percenter stickers, goatee, Oakleys.

  41. Yeah. I DO just prefer to feel the BOOK in my hands. For me it’s not the same, I’ll read ebooks if I have too, but I just don’t enjoy it the same. It’s a nostalgia feeling because I used to read books to comfort myself when I was a kid in a volatile home. Why are you so pissy about that?

  42. I didn't convey the context appropriately. I don't give people crap how they read. They give me crap (I'm around a lot of older people). Like "Ugh, you're reading? A book? On your PHONE?"

  43. I mean. It’s not just older people who feel that way. I’d probably say I don’t understand how you can enjoy that, and I’m in my mid 30s. But yeah it sucks when older people get judgey.

  44. I enjoy it because I am reading and am in that world. I fully forget HOW I am reading.

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