I made this for my first year design class 🥺 We are supposed to design a poster for a cause we believe in

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  2. The account also has a history of not posting for years at a time.

  3. Just me or does it kinda look like a butthole stacked like that?

  4. Not really, we languish at offensive tackle signing a LB instead while the Chiefs just beefed up their line fresh off a super bowl.

  5. I was at this game. Sad to see him go. The wrong guy left imo.

  6. Please tell us more about these prints??

  7. I collect gig posters and came across these after the artist, Travis Knight, did a fun poster for Wu Tang last year. They measure 12x12 and are Giclée printed on French Madero Beach Paper. I think I paid around $25 a piece for them, but I’m not sure.

  8. You can. It's called lucid dreaming. Start by writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up to train your recall. Then begin doing regular reality checks, things like questioning where you were 5 minutes ago and if it makes sense to be where you are now or looking at your hands. Give it a couple weeks of doing this and you'll start to realize you're dreaming mid dream. Once you've become conscious that you're dreaming you can then take control of it. Start with small changes at first so you don't excite yourself awake and if you feel yourself slipping out of the dream try to spin in place until you regain control.

  9. Best reality check I’ve found is to squeeze your nose closed and try to breathe through it. If you’re dreaming you’ll still be able to breathe through your nose and you’ll know for sure you’re dreaming.

  10. I mean, servers across Europe make a living wage as well.

  11. I’m sorry, but serving is not a $40/hr ($80k/year) profession…

  12. I pretend I'm reading the newspaper nearby.

  13. Nice reef! But I’m really here to acknowledge the dope McPherson Wiggle Bunny and ask what the two prints are above your monitors…I also have those same 90’s lol

  14. And a VHS sticker in every corner of the display case…

  15. If you decide to get Expert at the Card Table, get the annotated version by Darwin Ortiz. It’s called The Annotated Erdnase

  16. Your mom is so old her maiden name is Asaurus

  17. Trampolines used to be called jumpolines before your mom tried one out…

  18. I tested negative on all home tests, but positive on the Walgreens rapid naat test. Sometimes the home tests just don’t catch it I guess.

  19. I’m very impressed for a first year design student!! Keep at it, you’re going to do great things! (Source: I’ve been a pro graphic designer for the past 14 years)

  20. Chiefs going to win their last two games, afc championship and the fucking Super Bowl, because the zebras gave it to them with seconds left on bullshit flags

  21. in simple terms, can someone explain to me why the devonta play wasn’t a catch? seemed like a textbook catch to me, but maybe i’m dumb

  22. It was. 3 steps, loss of control out of bounds doesn’t apply. Zebras wearing red tonight.

  23. And you're in your 40s and graduated 20 years ago

  24. Hundy p. I have this dream 3-4 times a year and I graduated college in 2007

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