My 10 YO Scottish Highlander before he was processed last year

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  1. Only problem with it is it’s relatively late in his catalog. His early work wasn’t my favorite but definitely have to show a song from there. ”I’ll be there” is probably a really good one to show. My next two would be colors and shapes, then 2009. Holy shit that’s a hard one tho.

  2. It’s okay man. It wasn’t me you were playing with. No need to plead your case

  3. I grew up in federal way and MAN do I miss it. Now I’m down in the Bay Area and always contemplate coming back to WA

  4. Congrats on the newish baby fellow Machead ahaha

  5. Yeah actually, the only ones I'm missing are some unofficial ones like larry lovestein and I love life thank you, also the spotify sessions but the price makes me cry. Sheesh only just started and got a divine feminine, nice score

  6. We use Mrs Meyers and i never got a different one for bottles.

  7. So basically anything that is sold at a Whole Foods store? I guess healthy soaps? Sounds weird

  8. We use NUK soap for bottles. It’s based on natural ingredients.

  9. I e-filed 1/24 accepted 1/26 then not long after got the “delayed beyond the normal timeframe” message TT 152. Today it’s saying same info as yours - that I’m entering information incorrectly and won’t allow me to log in. Praying this is a sign something is happening, finally. Hard to tell. I have logged in daily for months - I’m sure the information is correct. I know it was in the errors department, so again praying this is a sign of some movement!

  10. See you e-filed and you’re having these issues. I paper filed. My wife e-filed and hers was done within a matter of days. You logged in with the IRS dashboard? When I check on there is says not received. This sucks

  11. Same N/A. Says not processed. But not being able to log into IRS2GO and WMR makes me think something is happening. Got state right away.

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