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  1. I've had a lot of this in my life with relationships ending, a lot of the time seemingly out of nowhere. Makes forging new connections feel almost impossible because I'm approaching every new person practically anticipating abandonment as if it's inevitable, which then becomes a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy when I act accordingly and end up ruining things.

  2. I relate to this so much and often feel like a shallow bobblehead as a result. No real hobbies, my interests are mostly surface level, and I depend way too much on the people around me for guidance and comfort. On the one hand, I find value in my perspective that good company matters more than whatever the activity at hand may be, but I'd like to have more to offer than being an agreeable doormat, even when that's not being taken advantage of intentionally.

  3. Seconding this as someone who works in a restaurant. It's not perfect, but on the upside you may have access to discounted/free food while you work?

  4. I had an accident recently that happened while I was drunk (only injured myself, no cars or other people involved), and now I have a lovely broken bone to heal, followed more than likely by physical therapy and chiropractor visits. Not to mention lost income from missing work, medical bills, etc. It honestly could've been so much worse and I should be grateful that it's not, but it really knocked me off a course I was trying to set for myself. Safe to say I've been very unkind to myself about it, while everyone else has been more than sympathetic.

  5. I'm trying to get over this as well, and just had a bad experience with someone as a result. I spent months overriding my own instincts not to trust this person, decided to take them at their word when they claimed to care, and am now left feeling like a complete fool for believing a word of their bullshit. I've spent days checked out on my couch, shutting the world out and crying, skipping out on work, and feeling so incredibly embarrassed and ashamed about it all.

  6. Being told I'm annoying or even just thinking someone finds me annoying. Shut down for a full month over that one last year.

  7. I always offer to wrap other people's because I like it so much. Didn't really have anything to buy this year, so I voluntarily wrapped a bunch of empty boxes to decorate at work. lol My boss is even taking me up on wrapping his wife's gifts this year! (Totally kosher - he helped me move over the summer.)

  8. This is why I rearranged my fridge. No more fruit and vegetables drawers where produce goes to die - those drawers have become condiment drawers. All produce goes on the door now where I can physically see it.

  9. I get that 100%. It sucks, but you're just not gonna know for sure without trying and that's gonna take some guts and an occasional leap of faith. Just start with little nuggets and gauge how to proceed from there. Vulnerability requires a lot of risk and is crazy scary, but the payoff can be worth it when you do start to find your people. I hope one day you can see what I'm talking about, but I absolutely understand your hesitation. After a lifetime of being told you're wrong, or stupid, or annoying, or anything else, that's a lot easier to believe than the alternative.

  10. I love that show!! The birdtaurs in the second season made me so uncomfortable 😂

  11. He is hugging a stuffed penguin and that is what I needed to start this day off right.

  12. My internal monologue never shuts the hell up. It's like my mind loves the sound of its own voice. It often has a song playing in the background. It often fixates on the same thing way too much until that thing finally passes. Currently, this means a small obsession with a crush that I know isn't healthy, but I can't seem to shake it anyway. I'm not, like, a danger to anyone, but boy would it be nice to think about something more productive for awhile.

  13. Need to hear more of these analogys of yours if you can think up anymore lol.

  14. Tbh I can remember the most random facts someone told me about themselves if I care about them. I can remember random details about stories/tv shows/movies.

  15. This comes in super handy at work. I'm always remembering people's preferences for things (no tomatoes on their salad, no ice in their drinks, etc.), their cars, whether they get a discount from their work.. everything. I've run into situations where I accidentally freaked them out, but it's just how my brain works! Usually they're impressed, though.

  16. Aha this was me when I worked in food service too! I had several regulars’ orders down, but my manager would be like “hey can you go refill the ice for the soda machine?” And I’d walk over there and then forget why I was there. Then not refill the ice and then get yelled at lol.

  17. That is exactly how it is. hahaha Except I lucked into some pretty cool management and I'm more likely to get a chuckle at my absentmindedness than a reprimand. Honestly, it's most of the reason I'm still there after so long.

  18. I do a kinda dance-walk to work almost daily. I'll also get really into my solos singing along to music while I close alone. That time is absolutely sacred, even if I'm technically also working.

  19. You actually put a hashtag on your CV?

  20. This makes me feel a lot better about using them in texts and comments. #sorrynotsorry

  21. Bookmarks! Make the labels specific and categorize. Sure, now you have them hoarded in another way, but at least they're not in your face anymore.

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