1. This game looks so damn good. Come on Blizzard, please don't fuck this one up.

  2. I don't think it's fair to say that it was bad. I thought it was a solid game but it wasn't the direction I wanted them to take the series. I still had a good bit of fun with it.

  3. its not the hardware really though, it's the devs who don't seem to want to optimise the games as well. Like I say, first party games work great

  4. The Series S has one third of the GPU power that the Series X has, its absolutely the hardware. It's like if you bought the cheapest graphics card you could buy and then you complained games aren't properly optimized for your hardware. What do you expect when you spent less than the price of a graphics card on a console? Microsoft puts a lot of time and effort into making sure the Series S version of their games run well because it's their console, they need it to look good. Other developers are simply making the Series X version and then dialing everything back until it runs acceptably on the S.

  5. what op means is that many games like evil west are really bad optimized on series s when clearly other games showcase much better visuals at higher resolution/framerates

  6. Yes. I had to use it a couple of times. The build quality is a lot to be desired imo

  7. Did they send back your same customized controller or a standard one?

  8. They haven't made Kinect's in a while so it's going to be very hard to find one new at this point. I can see a couple on eBay that say they're new, but they're pretty expensive.

  9. Only Epic can help you, and if you can't provide them with the information they need then you're screwed. We can't help you and neither can a congressman.

  10. While this maybe the case. I have several friends that’s live states away and they set each others Xbox’s to home on the others accounts then they just share games

  11. Yeah they're using the Home Xbox feature like I'm explaining. They're setting their consoles as each others Home Xbox so they can both access each other's games. I'm telling you to do the same thing for your second console.

  12. Lol I get how that’s works. More my question is can a 3rd console be added for the same effect

  13. No, you can only make one console your Home Xbox at a time. You cannot game share your games between 3 different Xbox consoles, only 2.

  14. Full screen motion blur is awful, but I'm a huge fan of per object motion blur.

  15. Yeah playing on pc aswell but ever since the update the game has been looking like a hot mess, I can't say much on gameplay because I have really gotten into it because trying to keep it from crashing or freezing or just major lag on my end. Idk maybe my computer can't handle the game anymore.

  16. Yeah I can't say that's been my experience. I have a pretty good setup that I'd consider to be a mid range PC (RTX 3060 TI, Ryzen 5 5600x and 16gb ram), and the game genuinely looks and runs great for me. What are your specs? It definitely looks a lot nicer so if you have an aging PC that could be the issue.

  17. Finished my build earlier this year my specs being cpu ryzen 5 2600x, gpu rtx 2060, ram 32gb

  18. Yeah you definitely have decent hardware, especially for 1080p. I'm not really sure what the issue could be, have you updated your graphics card drivers? I haven't experienced any crashing or lagging or anything, it's been smooth sailing for me.

  19. I turn on my PC when I wake up, put it in sleep mode if I'm not using it, and then I turn it off at the end of the night. There's no real correct way to do it, but turning it off as much as possible will obviously lower your electricity bills.

  20. I consider it to be the hardest because you can't summon someone to help you, you can't grind to become overpowered and you can't change your playstyle. You have no options, you learn the mechanics or you die.

  21. Me and all my friends are playing it again. Imo Fortnite is the best it's ever been, I've been really enjoying the new chapter that just started.

  22. If you just started playing you're up against mostly bots who are super easy to kill. Why hide the whole game lol?

  23. Do u have to have xbox live to do a party chat? My nephew likes to play fotrnite against his dad and chat on headset, he's had his ps4 taken off him so was wondering if he could do it on xbox?

  24. Nope, party chat is a free feature that doesn't require a subscription either.

  25. Its a copy paste of their last game with dumb anime graphics. Why you bigging them up for pushing out low quality. Too many obvious EA paid shills and bots here

  26. If you don't like it that's cool, but many people are saying it's a great arcade racing game. I highly doubt anyone here is being paid or that they're bots, people just like this game.

  27. The game is trash and EA knew that as well which is why they didn't market it. The franchise should have died ages ago. This ain't like the PS2 gen when it was topping sales charts. Its now a washed up franchise that doesn't know it ain't cool anymore. 'Hello there fellow kids' vibes

  28. People seem to be enjoying it, it's the best reviewed EA published game in a while.

  29. Geralt is the best bonus skin we've had in a really long time (maybe ever). So there's that. I appreciate that they tried adding some more original characters to the pass this time but it's an overload on the tattoos and piercings vibe / Dollar General Jules skins for me. I don't see how it could possibly be running better than Chapter 3, though. It's certainly not on PS4. And on PC, I had to take all my other graphical settings down a notch if I wanted to use the new options and get decent frames.

  30. I just think the battle pass is pretty good, it's at least an improvement over last chapters battle pass imo. I'm not sure about last gen consoles, but my girlfriend's Series S used to get severe frame drops last chapter that are entirely gone now. On my PC it looks and runs better than ever, so I guess it depends on your hardware.

  31. The UI of the Battle Pass is the best we've seen for sure. The content of the Battle Pass is below-mid, at-best. And the new graphics are cool for those with the hardware to handle them, but I think Fortnite kind of screwed itself by setting the graphical demands so high. They're going to lose players with this dramatic increase in hardware demands.

  32. It runs better than chapter 3 on my PC and my girlfriend's Series S. I think Doom Slayer and Geralt save the battle pass, it's better than chapter 3 for sure.

  33. You insert the first disc and that will verify that you own the game, then it will download the Xbox One emulated version.

  34. I think 4 has the best story in the franchise. I think it was a great twist that the villain wasn't really "the bad guy" and that the two "good" factions you help end up being more evil than him.

  35. They take more effort to make and are on imposed deadlines by investors. They simply don't have time and money.

  36. Developers in the past had less time and less money. Games nowadays have massive budgets and massive teams working on them, the game industry has grown so much.

  37. But back then games were generally smaller in scope and had easier mechanics. Also smaller models, less or limited animations...

  38. I mean maybe, but there's so much more money in the industry then there used to be. Games used to be a niche hobby but now most people play games.

  39. I don't think the style matches Star Wars and its too hard to read.

  40. They're likely selling it to people in different regions that don't have steam cards available.

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