1. If you need a ship to generate 1g by spin or by thrust, then you could have the habitats be in modular sections that can tilt inward or outward depending on acceleration and deceleration.

  2. I think one approach is to ask what kind of conflict can you draw out of this. And then once you have those, maybe do another pass on the world building to add elements to heighten or create other types of conflict. Even small ones that can be used for tension in passing.

  3. A curse that defeats the MC will be a hard read. If the MC confronts the curse, overcomes it, and grows from that effort (what does not kill us makes us stronger), or can turn the curse to his/her/its/their advantage, the MC becomes more interesting and capable.

  4. That's actually accurate to what I had in mind. Especially with the curse powers infused with another magical source the MC was given.

  5. That would work as long as the dark eldars don’t look extremely different to humans

  6. Oh no they just look like elves but with different skin tones

  7. The texts are gone so I can't see what he had said :(

  8. The sky often represents freedom, the ocean the unknown. Almost all complex life is dependent on air and water as well.

  9. So basically my magic system is inspired by the elemental bending from Avatar Last Airbender where the magic not only interact with the world around the user, but also the user's personal growth.

  10. That is true. I've just wanted to throw something new into the mix. I had a friend who suggested that the sky could represent having a different perspective and another suggested water representing reflectiveness. I wasn't too sure if they could work out but I kept them as a reference just in case.

  11. Well, I did have this cult in mind taking place in my setting that worships the chaos that was in the beginning called the "Chaotic Dawn".

  12. I always like to use Anglish when I need a "not quite right" word for something. It's a conlang for "linguisitcal purists" who extrapolate what modern English forms would be like if the French never gave us Latin roots. The dictionary wordbook of Anglish suggests:

  13. Mind if I borrow this too? This seems interesting.

  14. I guess it depends on the topics and how much they stray off from the original conversation. Some people on YouTube like Renegades Media Group I actually enjoy their topics even if sometimes I skip over them. They do filming stuff and react to other YouTubers as well as having commentary about them. They're really fun to watch and I recommend visiting (sorry wasn't try to promote them). Anyway, for me it's all about the topic.

  15. Dude that reminds me of a Tiidan Carrier from Homeworld. It looks great πŸ‘

  16. What's the direction of thrust when under-thrust? Was this intend to be on like the port or starboard side of the ship?

  17. It's neither port or starboard it's actually vertical built either on top or bottom, or both with two in place. As for the direction of thrust it depends on weather the ship is moving forward or slowing down. Good example is the ships in The Expanse. The hab (the floors) will be facing towards the back of the ship. When its slowing down halfway to it's destination, the hab will turn facing the front of the ship due to physics in motion (like hitting the breaks on a car too fast). I have another drawing of these example but I don't have it with me at the moment.

  18. As for the engines they'll have at least 4 main ones (2 facing forward, 2 towards aft) if it was a smaller ship I wouldn't worry about it cause they can flip-&-burn, bigger ships like my transporters would be too big to flip without causing the structure to be straining. That's why I recommend reversal thrusters so that you can kill the forward thrust and slowly engage the reverse thrust at the halfway mark of your destination so that you still maintain the force from the momentum that was building up.

  19. I honestly don't cures as much, at least not like a street gang rapper constantly bombarding you with f words

  20. Note: The ice shield can be enlarged to better protect the ship in its acceleration form, in stationary form it generates gravity by rotating the drum like an O'neill cylinder.

  21. If people are afraid to catch autism, them I should be afraid to catch the normies

  22. Dude that's awesome πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Legos for life

  23. It's a love/hate relationship with snow. It's rare nowadays where I live because of the change in climate, we don't get snow, we get cold rains and muddy grounds. So when I do see it, It looks beautiful, but it makes it even colder and slippery to drive on the roads.

  24. I had to do it. My brain demanded it, I could not withstand the temptation of the pleasure of this reference for Amongus

  25. Sounds: clanking metal sounds, sudden and loud items dropping, lip smacking (ESPECIALLY if it's constant), concerts, large motors on vehicles like bulldozers

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