1. I'm glad this is happening... I was worried after the last announcement and seeing the "merch" that they weren't gonna name the teams. Just have them named after the city they play in... Maybe it's just me but alot of the heart and personality is missing from this new xfl. It's coming off very corporate and sterile

  2. It's fascinating how many people saw that logo and immediately pivoted to the idea the league would have no personality and would be bland. You had people suggesting the logos and home/away jerseys for teams would be nothing but black and white.

  3. As much as I enjoy the game, many aspects about the audio are horrible. The mixing is bad. The things you talk about shouldn't be as loud as they are. You shouldn't hear water beneath your feet, when you are not near the water source. The wind shouldn't sound like a jet engine or air running through a tube constantly.

  4. That's odd. I remember the option of selling him to not be available. I even went on youtube and saw someone do that mission and they also didn't have the option to sell him.

  5. No. I wouldn't want stuff flashing all over my screen all the time.

  6. You need to view the map inside each cabin to make it go away. It was bothering me for a while as well.

  7. Finished it and it was nice... But, I paused during one of the radio communication and now, every time I start the game, I get the radio message about why they don't talk about River's mom....

  8. I have that too. Until there's a proper fix, you can hold the Enter key to skip through it.

  9. I think they want to avoid a situation where people manage the herds and then sell or trade hunts.

  10. TBH I think it would be really funny if they put a "shooting gallery" mode in at the range where animals slowly move side to side on tracks and any you shoot would look cartooney and clownish and say "Game too hard" Or maybe they could put in a tv/game system or PC where you can play a shooting gallery game.

  11. It’s all herd management it’s great for g1’s but makes it so easy to get super rares. I’ve seen so many dim rare red deer and whitetail posts it’s insane

  12. Herd management has existed for a long time. The increase in super rares has happened since the Revontuli update. They either broke something or this uptick in super rares is intentional.

  13. Since you brought up team names not being released yet. It seems like such a waste to not have the names out before you send Becht and Barlow to their respective cities and do media. "Here's the coach of your XFL team" seems so generic.

  14. Dana is going to have them all arrested for watching the event in the gym.

  15. Ah I’m gutted I really don’t want to start all over again, yous reckon this is a fixable bug or am I just going to have to suck it up? Also switching between performance and quality mode on Xbox makes all the water disappear lol some weird ass bugs but still having fun.

  16. I suggest waiting to see if they can fix it first. I've read that a few others have restarted only to run into the bug again.

  17. I describe the audio bug the same way. Others say it sounds like a fan or wind in a tube. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot more people who have that bug and don't realize it. i even watched ACG talk about it before release and didn't think what was going on with my game was an actual bug for a good while. It was really windy in game and thought it was normal.

  18. My suggestion is to wait for reviews and benchmarks for WOTH from regular players before making your decision.

  19. It's not just you who noticed it. It also can't just be attributed to grinding for a GO, since it's not like that just started after the last update.

  20. LMAO Fitzpatrick isnt playing in the XFL. You act like he left the NFL because no one wanted to sign him. If he wanted to keep playing football he’d do so in the NFL. not to the tune of $50K against guys with day jobs

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