1. He was really a jerk in Trophy. An ex-ADA who he was dating fudged the evidence so an innocent man was convicted. She deserved punishment but not a manslaughter conviction. If she did, then so did Jack!

  2. The hand gesture of calling people using a landline.

  3. 🎶Gaslighting, gaslighting, let’s have some gaslighting🎶. I was done after the S10 Reunion. She was so brutal to Denise, I couldn’t watch anymore. I know she went after Kim even harder, but because Kim was such a fighter, it never seemed as bad.

  4. I completely understand not liking her -she’s a really polarizing personality, and I find most fans of hers (myself included) overlook how judgemental and harsh she can be. Also, Garcelle is right, she can’t apologize for shit, lol.

  5. Not even being invited to the reunion is TRAGIC. At least they invited Tracy, even if they did just edit her out lol. I had insanely high hopes for her, ugh what a let down.

  6. Adam Schiff has my favourite one liners because of his completely monotone, straight-faced delivery. Two of my favourites:

  7. Casts this strong are always such a wildcard. There are so many alpha dogs, so I wonder what the alliances will be! I know we all love the LVP/Garcelle friendship but because LVP is such a puppet master, I can’t see them staying aligned. IT WOULD BE SO JUICY, lol.

  8. Garcelle should’ve said she would headbutt, sorry BUTTHEAD Erika instead

  9. “The crown is heavy darling, so leave it where it belongs” and “if you’re gonna take a shot at this B, you better not miss!”

  10. Deeply Superficial on YouTube has great essays on HW content. My favourite so far has been her deep dive into the Vancouver housewives.

  11. Sonja working those interns to death and not paying them always rubbed me the wrong way. #justiceforpickles

  12. "Never once have I told a lie and never will you ever hear me tell one" *proceeds to lie on camera and then start a business where customers have to sign an NDA so they can't tell the truth*

  13. I don't know if these are iconic, but some of favourites:

  14. Listen, when you wear the crown, you gotta bring it. I literally don't think you can be the queen bee of any real housewives franchise unless you are somewhat cunning and strategic. The only exception might be NYC, but that's because everyone is insane and you can't out-clever crazy.

  15. I mean, think about it from Sheree’s perspective: She doesn’t know Sutton, and she is Garcelle’s friend, so her priority is Garcelle. Garcelle is defending Sutton left and right, and now Garcelle has tension with a lot of the women. Without knowing anyone in the group, it would seem like Sutton is isolating her. I would feel the same way.

  16. Don’t you think that’s kind of condescending tho? Insinuating that Sutton has some power over Garcelle and is isolating her?

  17. I don’t think she was insinuating that. I think she saw her friend in an increasingly precarious position in the group and was trying to look out for her.

  18. Why would he say prism? What is five years in prism?

  19. Amy doesn’t come back. Jonah pursues his passions in politics and finds someone who shares his values.

  20. Crystal’s fashion sense is boring, and people who hate on Dorit (and even Sutton) are basic af.

  21. agreed. I dont dislike crystal at all, but frankly the same people who praise her reformation jeans, veronica beard tops, and golden goose sneakers (that every sorority girl in the us owns) are the same ones trashing sutton’s iris van herpen dress. like ok normie I will note to ignore all of your fashion opinions

  22. Trashing Sutton’s Dries Van Noten dress she wore in the after show? Jail. Straight to jail.

  23. Definitely in the N family. She has width in her ribcage and chest. I also see vertical rather than curve, so I’m gonna go with FN.

  24. Naturals are the only type that require width accommodation in their clothing. No one fits into a type perfectly (usually), so a non-natural type may show some width, but they don’t need to honour that width in their clothing choices.

  25. And her telling ebony the literal attorney and tv show host she’s “so eloquent and well spoken” with a surprised voice lol

  26. Oh lord. I stopped watching after season 10, yikes!

  27. Conflict makes for great reality tv! She’s carried this show for 8 episodes!!

  28. I think she can’t wrap her mind around what Diana is so wound tight about. I mean, nobody was anything but nice to that stuck up bitch.

  29. That’s the sense I got from Sutton as well. She just wants things to seem okay, even if they aren’t really. I love Sutton but she went from calling Diana a motherfucker to hugging her, and I was like GIRL WHAT

  30. Ok. Basic human decency is recognizing the issue and making that post to address. That’s basic. Now what?

  31. I think basic human decency is immediately calling YOUR FRIEND to apologize for laughing at her son being cussed out. Literally, that's it. This post is an explanation, not a sincere apology to the hurt parties, Garcelle and Jax.

  32. Jesus Christ. This is was so painful to watch. I feel terrible for Sutton.

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