1. Yo when you get them can you tell me if there tts, Thank You in advance

  2. how do you see the price on the yupoo

  3. You type the code into a bmlin decoder so you would type something like Ab1ah and it should translate it to usd


  5. Probably means nothing since ab posts a lot but I just wanted to post this here🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. Exactly, qin Is better if you just want one specific shoe but if you want 2+ at one time your much better with just going through an agent like PandaBuy

  7. imo i think you could go the agent route with multiple shoes cuz it should be hella cheaper but qinmin usually never misses if you want a middleman

  8. No bruh don’t send him anything with your id or anything like that

  9. Idk if I’m just being paranoid but I’m slightly hesitant to order due to this whole situation going on between China and Taiwan, I was thinking of waiting till the military drills stop and then maybe order.

  10. It’s highly unlikely that a war situation would break out because it’s pretty much against everyone’s interest, I think china is doing these “military drills” to make them seem stronger and if they didn’t do them or at least didn’t do anything aggressive it would make them look weak and they are really big about their ego, that being said I would still order but that is my opinion

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