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  1. This is really pushing me to finally go rattle can my PCC.

  2. we can also get type 81 lmgs with drum mags, also limited to 5 and the drum mags are $200 a piece

  3. The same importer sells the full capacity insert for people who prefer to "pin" there drum magazine

  4. Wait. Supreme Leader Trudeau hasn't banned those yet?

  5. Makes me cry when I saw one for sale for only 1500 and it was a prohib

  6. In a bug out scenario, I would think the legality of your radio would be the least of your worries.

  7. Select fire needs to be standard And affordable garbage rod open bolts.

  8. I had the exact thing happen on my shark robot the other day and I was confused where it was and u had no notification about it being stuck.

  9. Register a few of the other designs and test them, I'd love to see how they perform with a few mag dumps

  10. Went shooting with some buddies and this guy from our high school came (not that close with him) and we cracked open the beers and he went off about how we shouldn’t be doing that. He was immediately asked to leave. Remember first rule is to have fun.

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