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  1. You may get razzed by the guys at the gym for tapping to it, but who gives a fuck. A tap is a tap. I’d look for a new place to train if I were you.

  2. Looks like the same thing that happened to my wagon in Vancouver as well.

  3. Jealous. I have an automatic 15 in the same color. But my stereo doesn't look like that.

  4. In mma Khabib destroys Gordon. But what about in FIFA?

  5. How is this even a question. On what clickbait earth is this even a reasonable matchup.

  6. It was asked on yesterdays episode of Morning Kombat

  7. Canadian promotion based out of Ontario.

  8. That is dope. Awesome way to save space in a small area.

  9. No gi is just heel hooks now. So boring.

  10. You find it boring? The entanglements are super intriguing in my opinion.

  11. I play most games pretty well on it. Fight Night, NHL and stuff like that. God of War is a lil laggy.

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