1. I bet many studies were cited in this discussion, and totally not just

  2. Well Peterson did quote studies for that topic before, except he totally manipulated them by saying: this study of single parent households shows that kids are doing worse because the parent either works or takes care of them and are generally poorer with just one income. But since gay marriages has only one gender parents, then they have to act like single parents right??

  3. So then it's actually 'studies he misunderstood because of his conservative (and bigoted) assumptions of the world'.

  4. I can't fucking believe this isn't parody.

  5. This is twice now I've seen the 1990 Dick Tracy movie cited in Reddit political discussions. That's twice more than I ever would've expected.

  6. There are no 'queer separatists' that want to secede from the United States. It's meaningless to take one label like 'folkish nationalism' and force it onto another group with a totally different history and context, then expecting that to tell you anything about that group or its future.

  7. Stick to being dumb in your own field JP, stop polluting economics and other sciences with your bullshit.

  8. Having Joe Rogan being part of the IDW is enough to not take this group seriously. The guy is a comedian that interviews people and has opinions as solid as an overcooked noodle

  9. Not to take the IDW seriously, or not enough to take this subreddit seriously?

  10. The IDW. How can you take a group of intellectuals that includes Ben Shapiro, Bari Weiss, or Joe Rogan seriously?

  11. I doubt there's any way Harris' audience isn't mainly made-up of Republicans and conservative Democrats by now (and their international equivalents). They might use the language of liberal-skeptics, but I don't think they're much brighter than the National Review-reading pseudo-intellectuals of past decades; i.e.

  12. Most the people I know personally who use crypto use it to buy drugs on the dark web.

  13. Wouldn't the framing of it as a 'present' be the problem? "I wouldn't have given you an abortion normally, but because it's your birthday!..."

  14. Surely that should be a ban-worthy tweet of Peterson's, even by Twitter's lax-standards?

  15. That is why we should just call them 'child-fuckers' instead.

  16. But as long as you're either a: conventionally attractive, b: a member of an ethnic minority, or c: a PHD holder in an otherwise liberal dominated field, you most certainly can be a highly paid right-wing pundit.

  17. Why was this 'the place' for the rest of this conversation, but not the simple clarification I'm asking for?

  18. See, that's just it. What you are asking for is not simple by any means, and because you fail to grasp how complex it is explains why your reaction to it is so primitive, accusatory and hyper-emotional. Regardless, its complex and a whole other topic.

  19. If you keep commenting where I can see you, you can bet I'm going to continue bringing it up. Other people on Reddit won't be nearly as tolerant of your rhetoric on pedophilia as you are to your own

  20. You falsely accuse me of being something, and then say I should be censored. There is no difference.

  21. If you actually have written anything in your life as significant as the declaration of independence, I'm sure we can just separate 'art from artist' in that case.

  22. I have opinions you disagree with. That does not make me a pedophile.

  23. Why does a: opposing pedophiles, mean that b: every document they played any part in should be destroyed?

  24. The height of pompousness is stand-alone grammar nazism, and really, a bland accusation of pompousness simply doesn't prop it up.

  25. Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Robert Malone slayers of the COVID narrative! Remember their names, they spoke 50 million listened.

  26. If you're gonna talk in this pompous way, at least use the right punctuation.

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