1. I'm just a software engineer/manager. I know very little about CAD and it'll have no impact on my career, but I find it cool af and I'm looking to learn as much as I can about it.

  2. The problem that you are going to run into is that you are still in the development period of the neighborhood. Since it's still in the development period, the developer (acting as the Declarant) retains almost exclusive control of the HOA and the rules attached to it. The declarant can change rules as they want almost unrestricted. Almost all states protect the developer in this regard until they sell their last lot.

  3. Liquid smoke is not a flavoring, it's an aromatic. It's just for your nose to pick up a smoke favoring. It doesn't really matter if you put it on in the beginning or the end.

  4. When I had kids. 12 years into the kids now and just starting to get back into light gaming.

  5. Lorain county suburbs, Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville are great options that tend to have lower taxes and property values....more bang for the buck. Close to 90, so easy to hop in got the commute when you need to.

  6. 98% sure it's a top sirloin with a piece of the bottom round still attached.

  7. There are no experimental test that have confirmed or even suggest a universe outside of our own. Science has come nowhere close to confirming it. Did you even read your source? ”No such signatures have yet to be found”.

  8. I see you haven't found that corner of PornHub yet in this universe

  9. We started with Dr. Browns with my singleton, he did fine with them. Then used the ones we had left for our twins. They did fine with them so we bought triple more.

  10. I have 0 negative things to say for Stadia. It works well for me and has plenty of content for me to play. I see no problems, anecdotally.

  11. Came here to say this. Cleveland is still more affordable than most other large cities.

  12. And if god has a belly button then god was born from parents. Monotheism is no more, huzzah!

  13. That doesn't mean God's belly button came from birth, just that he had. Being created in likeness doesn't mean our entire anatomy is the same. His belly button could have been a scar or...really...anything.

  14. Likeness is a visual construct. It's not an exact copy. The word "likeness" is specifically used for that purpose in that it's not a "duplicate". You can't see what's inside or how it works.

  15. We kept ours in the same room. They never bothered each other when one woke up, slept through it.

  16. From what I'm reading, the HOA is still under development and therefore, still under the exclusive control of the developer. The developer, acting as the declarant may still be retaining the exclusive rights to control what happens and the decision making.

  17. I ordered the OG Google Home on preorder when it first released. Have a total of 9 of them now. Never had a problem with any of them.

  18. Or add more parties, but change the names so people can't just stick to the same party anyway. But also the downfall is morons and people that can't think critically.

  19. The downfall of that is you end up with a person winning control of the government without a majority.

  20. This is a feature, not a bug. In order to actually pass legislation, Party A will need support from members of Parties C and D.

  21. Nah its so i dont have to cut it up i can just eat it with my fork.

  22. Wait....hol cut it up so you don't have to cut it up?

  23. Any thing that you "see" is a reflection of light off an object. The fact that the light you're "seeing" bounced off a mirror, doesn't make it any different than any other light you're seeing.

  24. Fuck that. You're basing your "fucked in the US" on a small portion of people who are fucked in the US. Most of us are doing great.

  25. Wouldn’t 6, 7, and 8 be equally probable since they each have 3 possible combinations? Does 6 and 8 each having one combination requiring doubles lower the probability?

  26. I guess I wasn't clear..... She was at the wedding with her boyfriend. They were not the bride and groom.

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