1. Yeah dont buy them. Big waste of money. Nothing like the carts POW has

  2. The honey was awesome! I just ate scoops of it and it tasted awesome and melted in my mouth. I think this was the first time I've had an edible with rosin. This was the third honey I've tried and it's probably my favorite, but the other two had more THC, at about 550 mg each compared to 440 here but as far as taste goes it's this, then Cure Ohio second and Grow Ohio third.

  3. Gotta love that Ice Cream Cake. Early morning wake and bake

  4. Try Wedding Cake from Pure Ohio, it'll make ya forget about Hell on Wheels.

  5. That's what I thought. But whatever shit my friend had had me feeling 4D asf. *Not dispensary cannabis

  6. Rental cars are hard to find sometimes due to the chip shortage for newer cars. You might have better luck finding one if you look away from the airport. Good luck with search

  7. I like them a lot, especially banana kush and gelato. Banana kush is my ultimate sleeping pill from them and gelato is an amazing smoke and chill strain, makes you feel light but not energetic.

  8. Another vote for Banana Kush. just finished a cart. Good nighttime smoke

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