1. oh! so if i wait on the chat i will get to a real person eventually?

  2. If ypu go to your orders/ invoices page, and at the bottom of your page, and click the "support" button at the bottom, it will bring you to live chat.

  3. I found that if you go into the order's page On their website where it shows everything you've ordered, if you click the The Chat button there you will get a real person instantly and there will not have to communicate with that robot. I found this trick about 6 months ago and it's what I use every time now I don't have to talk to that robot anymore.

  4. If it does mean I’ll get billed for another year, is it too late to cancel 😩 I didn’t realise and I have stuff added in the sale and picked my box items. I really don’t want to commit to another year.

  5. Not yet, but if you contact them asap and ask them to canel your subscription you will not be charged for another year, you have until October 31 to cancel or you will be billed immediately on november 1st for another year. Did you lock in dor another year at the old price before the dead line last week? If you choose to stay another year, make sure you contact them and asked to be locked in at the old rate and not the new one, it's gone up like $20 this season.

  6. They might be cheaper in a couple weeks, their black Friday sale starts on November 17.

  7. I've canceled my seasonal and 1 out of 2 of my annuals this season. After spring 2023 I'll be canceling my 3rd and final. Definitely getting a weird vibe from the company recently just in case things Start going downhill from here on out and rather get out of Dodge. It's a shame it was a really good company when I 1st started a couple years ago.

  8. Boxycharm is another good sub. I also loved my singlesswag!

  9. Dryer balls, balance me eye cream, hair towel, Collagen, daily concepts 3 piece wash bundle.

  10. I received a second identical free annual fall Box, I contacted them and they told me just to keep it as a gift! Enjoy your freebies! 😊

  11. I canceled mine last week as well. I have one more cause I signed up in the Spring for for a second annual membership but my 1st account It's up for renewal this Winter and and it has been canceled, I did end up getting a seasonal for the fall because there's a couple extra items I wanted and it was just cheaper in the long run to get A seasonal, But I think I'm done with annuals. I find that seasonals get treated in more perks better than annuals do but annuals do specially long term ones.

  12. So I was having issues with my fall Box Being stuck on order saved for like 3 weeks and told by several different CS That my Box did not process at all and and they had to reprocess My fall Box and send me a new one basically Because there's some type of odd glitch going on with my account And same with a few other peoples.

  13. I got the same items too included in my box! I have been annual for about a year, and didn't re-sign up! Weird, but I'm not mad about it!

  14. Thats awesome, Same here I'm up for renewal for the Winter time and I'm quite surprised they sent me this, I'm waiting to see if it's actually coming in the Box or not it says it is I'll find out probably next week. I'll never say no to free

  15. This is the $200 mystery gift using the Dr. Brandt code for new annual signups. I have the same thing coming because I signed up for a second annual with the code.

  16. Thank you, i had no idea it was a annual reactivation bundle, I guess I must have lucked out because I didn't sign up for a fall annual membership, I signed up for an annual at the beginning of the summer season and received a free summer box for reactivating into an annual. Somebody had an oops. I'll wait Till the Box is actually here just to confirm the items are in the Box. Because they had quite a few glitches during the annual season.

  17. Will reconcile for sure before I decide if customer service call needed. Thanks!

  18. There were some glitches during customization this season especially for the annual members some people who swapped for credit received their credit and used it but when the payment date came they were still issued a fallbox for free, And their swapped credits were used for the ad on sale so you may very well have got in this Box for free. I've seen quite a few posts recently where people have gotten a free fall Box due to their computer system glitches. The suspense is killing me what's in the Box?...haha

  19. Thanks for this info!! I had seen a post or two about unexpected box arrival, but wasn’t sure if those people had swapped and NOT used their credit like I did in add ons.

  20. The one thing I've learned is that when send you something by accident they don't ask for it back, they just tell you to keep it keep it, free of charge, even if they issue you a refund on a Box that goes missing and then it shows up a month later. they'll still tell you to keep the refund and the Box. I've been waiting for my Box to be delivered I just received the tracking statement last night and it's showing that I'm getting 6 extra items in my Box that I didn't purchase, someone mentioned that it's their doctor Brandt $200 mystery bundle for reactivating your annual account, The thing is I didn't reactivate my account this season to receive a mystery bundle for reactivation. So if this mystery bundle is in my fallbox when it gets here in a couple weeks I guess I got free 6

  21. I'm curious How good is this PMD? I keep hearing people talk about it.

  22. The $15 off coupon will only work with a new account. If you want to use yours you'll have to sign up with a different email.

  23. So I just reactivated my account and I had a promo code to use but when I went to reactivate it it just reactivated and didn't even give me a chance to put any promo codes that page did not show up. So I Contact a customer service and they told me the same thing I couldn't use the $15 off but they can give me $10 off my Box I said OK, So she refunded me $10 I'm Canadians so I came up to like 11 something, I just checked my bank account and I wasn't charged forched where the seasonal Box but I did receive the refund. So now I'm wondering if they're gonna charge me money on the billing date or or did I just get like a free Box? Like the seasonal account does not even show up on my invoice section at all that I just reactivate it, It only shows an invoice for the $9 she refunded me for. It's weird.

  24. Update again! Suddenly choices are added 👀 looks like I'm getting: 1.Trophy Skin BrightenMD (interested to try)

  25. That is pretty awesome and you don't have to pay for anything is it a free Box?

  26. I dumped my cart yesterday, This is more of the left over stock from the annual round, I'd just dump it and wait till the fff week sale starts this Thursday. There will be more stuff and better prices.

  27. I received the same For category 5 and 6 for my extra seasonal Box I ordered last week. I'm actually looking forward to getting them, I don't have these ones.

  28. I just signed up as a US member, the clear stacking containers, coola, and the candle weren’t available.

  29. I just checked and the coola will only ship to Canada unfortunately

  30. You usually find out after your Box ships, on the box that shows hour box there will be a button that's says revel all, and you press it and it will show what they picked for you. But you cannot find out till your box has been shipped out to the carrier.

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