1. They’re my three faves from TWDU so I hope to see them together again.

  2. Yep, I get it. It’s inarticulable, the connection, but you know what it’ll feel like and you know it when you feel it.

  3. At this point, Rick wasn’t telling anyone and he didn’t trust Shane anymore.

  4. Why would you keep it hidden? btw, I think the writers only made Beth survive her suicide attempt because if she turned it would’ve revealed that everyone turned

  5. He was probably trying to avoid panic. He should have clued them in, definitely.

  6. Maggie looks incredible. I’m excited for new characters too.

  7. I don’t need endless realism from a zombie show based on a comic book.

  8. We don’t how or if the shows will relate to one another yet. Wouldn’t be surprising if they are, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  9. Angela Kang said Carol’s character will return at some point. We don’t know where or when.

  10. I don’t value my parents’ opinion enough for this to ever be an option. The only person’s permission and blessing a potential partner needs is mine.

  11. So if you watched World Beyond you also know that Jadis isn’t a person to be praised?

  12. Never said anything about praising her. But it's just a fact that Rick would've died by the river if it weren't for her & no one can know anything about CRM so that's why she didn't say anything.

  13. Is your insistence that she saved Rick not an implication that she deserves praise or acknowledgment for that act?

  14. I don't understand this "shipping" concept. There is a show and things happen/happened on that show. Rick and Michonne were in a relationship on the show. Now a new show is being filmed about these two finding each other. I take the writers at face value when they say the show is a love story about Rick and Michonne. What do random people on the internet have to do with any of these things? The story is the story.

  15. I'm with you! Rick and Michonne's relationship isn't contestable. It's canon. The spin-off has been clearly labeled as "deeply intimate" and an "epic love story" so what people on the internet think about it is irrelevant.

  16. I assumed he was talking about Rick, who he thought he was hallucinating.

  17. If Shane was so adaptive, why’d he die so early into the apocalypse?

  18. I was so sad Carl died but really don’t see the leadership qualities that other fans seem to see. Plus there were plenty of capable adults around.

  19. Carol’s a badass character that I don’t have much attachment to. Gabriel grew on me over time.

  20. I actually really appreciate Lori's complexity during this scene so I'm only here to hedge the "It was about Carl!" comments that will inevitably come.

  21. If you got time today, let's dissect the fact that she is punishing Rick for "becoming like Shane" while also having feelings for Shane who was Shane. The Shane who tried to kill her husband, multiple times. And attacked her. Rick is wrong for wanting it to be over, but Shane was what exactly? Her being in love with Shane makes her what exactly?

  22. She is a hot mess. I don’t mind in a character sense. She’s deeply flawed. It’s interesting. I find most of the characters hypocritical and inconsistent—Michonne being one of the few exceptions.

  23. Rosita was smart and capable. Who cares where she learned her skills?

  24. There’s no indication they’ll recast either Judith or RJ.

  25. The “main” cast was already bloated by the time the show ended. I wish there was less of them.

  26. Unless Rick is permanently disabled, I’m not sure his recovery is all that important in the grand scheme of this narrative.

  27. If this is true, I’m down. I really do want short, definitive stories, especially for Richonne.

  28. Don’t get me wrong. I’d look at Danai and Andy on screen together forever. Forever, I tell you.

  29. Michonne’s new look is incredible. Apparently there’s a story attached to it, according to Gimple.

  30. Her waffling is straightforward to me: She had feelings for both. She hadn’t quite worked that out because she was committed to her marriage. But she realizes after Shane is dead that she cared for him more than she thought.

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